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Creating a Blog for a Hotel

So the hotel you work for has asked you to start a blog, so how do you start? Well that’s easy go to either wordpress, blogger, tumbler, etc and open up an account and blog away.

Well it’s a little bit more complicated than that as 

Social Media Guru Brian Solis explains in one of his blog posts,”Think about a blogging strategy. Sit down with the executive and marketing team, including PR and Web. Chart-out an official plan, identify prospective participants and writers, and dedicate time to makin
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E-Tourism Africa Summit 2009 received an invite recently to give a lecture on blogging and what blogging could mean for the tourism and safari industry in Africa.Of course I am very honored with this invitation and it would be nice to see some of you there. The summit is on the 1st and 2nd of December 2009 in Johannesburg.To get an idea about the summit you can watch this video that was made last year:
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