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From the train interior to the train exterior, from attractions to luxury hotels, each photo and the videos captures the different moments of this elegant tourist luxury train on a fascinating journey. We will bring you exclusive photos and videos of all 4 Indian luxury trains. From the first most respected palace on wheels to the latest and most expensive Maharajas Express, from Deccan Odyssey to Golden Chariot.


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My 240+ travel days for 2018 are almost over....

I'm so grateful to have so many people in my life both in real life and online that I wanted to wish everyone only the best for Christmas and the holiday season including New Year 2019.

You will be seeing much more of me here and elsewhere now that my 240+ days of travels (200+ overseas) of 2018 are coming to a close.

Be sure to follow my past, present and future update posts, photos, and videos here and my other sites:

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Our Quick Video Tips for Travelers


Our Quick Video Tips for Travelers  

In a recent post, Why Hotel Content is So Boring  we argued, and so did the webinar panel at VFM Leonardo, that hotel content is boring in part because their images are vacuous, and un-engaging.
They  have nothing to do with the actual emotional experience of staying at a specific hotel or destination.
Think photos of empty dining rooms and pools.
Think empty guest rooms or an unrealistically gorgeous, blond, blue-eyed family of four playing in the impossibly bl

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by Wendie Hansen with Kaleel Sakakeeny

Ralph Waldo Emerson had this to say about the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA, a suburb of Boston:

“By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood
And fired the shot heard round the world.”

But what does the bridge in Concord,  the home of the American revolution for independence, have to do with revolutions in Tahrir Square, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and all places where the struggle for fre

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Why Is Hotel Web Content so Boring?

9008664080?profile=originalWhy Is Hotel Web Content so Boring?

There was an interesting round table  discussion recently sponsored by visual content management powerhouse, VFM Leonardo  .

The basic question the panel was asked to consider was this: Why is hotel web site content so boring, and how can it be made more engaging for the traveler?

It so happens, that the initial  stage in travel decisions is the all-important  “Planning Stage,” the tipping point, so to speak.

So if content is almost exclusively transactional and
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From NMT Images
Carnival Cruise Lines Goes Facebook, Skips Web Site

It’ a great video. It’s fun, alive, upbeat and touches a travel nerve: It’s Carnival Cruise Line’s new advertising campaign, “Hey America, Didja Ever.”

But the video is not on the cruise line’s web site, confirming, once again, that searches for authentic travel experiences are not found on search engines or on web sites, but on social media networks.

It’s here where people can question, connect and participate with real people in
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Video Inn Review: Union Street Inn, Nantucket

From NMT Images
Please watch the Video Review at the end of this post

You could almost miss the Union St. Inn blending as it does with the many shingled houses that line the streets of old Nantucket village.

But that would be your loss.

It’s one one of the most celebrated inns on Nantucket with praises from major travel press.

But, its very modesty, its lack of puffed up pretensions that make it special. It doesn’t feel like a much like a "praised place."

Behind the brass knocker the 1770 B&B manages
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