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Tour the most famous sites on Luxor West Bank in the company of an expert private tour guide. You will step back into Egypt ancient history at the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple on this private morning tour from Luxor. As this is a private tour, you can determine the amount of time you'd like to spend at each site. Crossing the Nile River to the West Bank, you'll visit the necropolis of the ancient city of Thebes. Arriving at the Valley of the Kings, burial place of the kings of Thebe

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Experience the beauty of the Temples of Karnak illuminated against the darkness of night as the pharaohs of the New Kingdom take you on a journey into Ancient Egypt during your stay in Luxor. Depart for the Sound and Light Show at Karnak from your Luxor hotel or cruise ship for en evening of entertainment Egyptian style! The show begins as you walk along the Avenue of Sphinx, passing through the towering facade into the Great Court. Walking through the complex a booming Pharaoh's voice narrates

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Great selection of excursions in Luxor with private qualified guide and driver to the major sites of Ancient Egypt, excursions to Cairo and Giza Pyramids from Luxor by airplane, find also wide range of tour options to visit Aswan and Abu Simbel from Luxor by road to see Philae temple and Elephantine Island tours by Felucca on the River Nile & hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

>> Luxor Sightseeing Tours, Excursions In Luxor and Day Trips.

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Our representative will pick you up from your hotel in Luxor, start your visit in the west bank where you can see the Valley of the Kings, the magnificence of the grandeur of architecture which was used for burial, there are many kings buried in this valley. The most known tombs are King Tutmosis I, Tutmosis III, Tut-Ankh-Amon, King Ramssess VI, King Mrenptah and AmonhotepII. Then visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which was built by Queen Hatshepsut, daughter of Thutmosis I, who ruled Egypt

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Thailand Tours: Most Exciting Day Trips

Enjoy a whole day exploring the culture, history and cuisine with special day trips to Thailand. Travel around and enjoy serene rivers, Grand Palace and temples. These day trips take you to one of the most popular tourist destinations of Thailand. A country that assures you an incredible holiday and that is the reason why people come back to this exotic place year after year. Each city of Thailand has its own flavor, style, class, attraction and charm that give its visitors a wide range and ways

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Spend an afternoon with a qualified Egyptologist guide on a private tour exploring the East Bank of Luxor to see two of the most impressive temples in Upper Egypt - Karnak and Luxor. Start your day with a visit to the Temples of Karnak. Walk along the Avenue of Sphinx to enter the complex as your guide explains how the massive facade was constructed. On entering the Temples of Karnak you will see each legacy left by the various pharaohs as the complex grew even larger. The deeper you go into the

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For unbeatable views of Luxor famous temples, take a hot-air balloon flight over the Nile River west bank. Away from the crowds in the peaceful glow of dawn, your sunrise flight over Egypt ancient monuments promises to be a highlight of your visit. Following a safety briefing and introduction to your ground crew and pilot, you will rise gently into the still-dark sky. The tranquility and beauty of the early-morning sun rising over the East Bank, illuminating the city of Luxor and surrounding mou

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29 Must Visit Cities for 2011

Longing for some sunshine, want to explore a new culture, have a craving for new tastes or fancy a night out in town? City Breaks are an ideal and affordable weekend escape for you and your friends, your partner or the whole family. We have taken the most important factors: weather, cost, food, accessibility, culture and safety, and have rolled up a list of Must-Visit cities around the world. You just have to get up and go!


#29 Amsterdam


Did you know: Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes but only 7

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Take a fascinating tour to Alexandria from Port in the company of your own Egyptologist guide. The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern and is famous for its Roman remains. With your own  Egyptologist guide to lead the way. Your first stop in this historic city is the catacombs of Kom al-Shuqqafa, a Roman burial site whose family tomb reveals the merging of Egyptian and Roman art and architecture. Descend below ground to visit
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Day 1 : Morning time you will be picked up from Alexandria port upon your arrival by your private Egyptologist tour guide who will accompany you in an air conditioned van, drive around 3 hours to Sakkara that is part of Memphis's massive necropolis, and the burial site of the most ancient Pharaohs where you will see the first pyramids build in Egypt "Step Pyramid of King Djoser that was designed by Imhotep, the ancient Egyptian architect also you will visit the Teti Pyramid and tombs in Sakkara

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Holidays from Agra to Auli

I do not know what it is with us people living on the plains – many among us have this insane urge to go visit the mountains in winter, as if the cold in the plains was not enough. And so it was with me…. Wifey wanted to see the Taj Mahal, I wanted to build a snow-man and so we went from Agra to Auli in the last week of December. A poorly designed trip it was – we ended up sitting in a car and rushing through the country-side much more than we had bargained for, only doing a spot of sight-seeing

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Traveler Tips and Advice for Lost Luggage

With more than 20 million pieces of luggage going missing every year around the world there’s a possibility that this could happen to any one of us. Whilst there’s nothing that we can do to prevent it happening to us, if the worst should happen here is some advice on what you can do and what your rights are.

Did you know?
When any piece of checked-in luggage goes missing it is the responsibility of the airline you are travelling with. Therefore, when it becomes apparent that your luggage has gone

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Nyungwe Forest Lodge is nearing completion and will be
fully operational in 2010. The lodge is an amazing addition to the tourism offering in Rwanda and can now be used to showcase to international travelers, the unbelievably beautiful Nyungwe Forest.

The lodge will operate as half board
including Breakfast, Dinner and selected beverages. The lodge offers a relaxation retreat, infinity pool with Bistro lunch dining, Board room for 18 delegates, Luxury rooms, Exclusive

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Tips for Planning "3G" Trips


Authentic luxury travelers know that planning any customized trip takes considerable time, and when multiple generations are involved it makes the process even more challenging. Having said that, the popularity of “3G” (three generation) family vacations is soaring because so many busy people want an opportunity to re-connect with kids, parents, spouses, and siblings in a relaxed environment.

Because of time constraints, the planner designated by the family might compromise and book a cruise o

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Discover and experience Ghana with Blazing Sun Travels No 1 stop for tourism, student’s internship, volunteering & investment opportunities in Ghana.  For info visit


Our Service of specialization includes the following:


* Ecological Tours Flora and Fauna (National Parks)

* Educational Tours (Exchange programs)

* Hotel Reservation

* Stay with a Host Family

* Students Internship

* Domestic Tourism

* Volunteer Programs

* History and Slave Routes Tours

* Cultural Tours (Festivals and Tradit

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A 'Junk' Trip in Vietnam

I hunkered in the doorway of an office building as gray clouds moved in, threatening to break open above me. Piles of luggage were stacked in the doorway, but I held tightly to my backpack. As a solo traveler making my way through Vietnam, I had yet to let someone else touch my bag, the essence of my livelihood halfway around the world.

Earlier that morning I had taken a hired car from Hanoi to the coast of Vietnam. This part of the country, known as Halong Bay, was rumored to be tacky and touris
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Trip To Giza Pyramids And Sphinx From Cairo

There is no visit to Cairo is complete without seeing the majesty of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. With your own private Egyptologist guide to lead the way, you'll enjoy personalized attention on your private tour of these famous symbols of Egypt's ancient civilization. As this is a private tour, you can determine the amount of time you'd like to spend at each of the sites you'll visit. On the Giza plateau, the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx date back over 3,000 years. While there ar

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Explore Memphis and Sakkara, two of Egypt's most important archaeological treasures. Sakkara is home to the oldest pyramid in Egypt, and Memphis was the former capital founded in 3,100 BC. Memphis, founded around 3,100 BC, is the legendary city of Menes, the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt. Early on, Memphis was more like a fortress from which Menes controlled the land and water routes between Upper Egypt and the Delta. Having probably originated in Upper Egypt, from Memphis he could contr

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Enjoy our private tour of Cairo most famous sites: the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum and Khan el-Khalili bazaar. With private Egyptologist guide to lead the way, you'll see Cairo's most famous attractions in one day. As this is a private tour, you can determine the amount of time you'd like to spend at each site. Your private tour begins with a fascinating introduction to each of the three Giza pyramids: Cheops, Khafre and Menakaure. You will have free time to enter one of the pyramids

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