9008935877?profile=originalWould you love to see a monkey in the wild? Or maybe a sloth right next to you in a tree? What about getting close to wild dolphins, or a humpback whale? OK - how about a bus-size whale shark?

When travelers come to Costa Rica – the eco-capital of Latin America with nearly six percent of the world’s biodiversity – they often want to see certain animals. Maybe it is a favorite animal they have been dreaming their whole life to see in person. Or they recently read up on the cool wildlife in Costa R

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Yountville, California embodies many quintessential visions you undoubtedly have when planning a Napa Valley excursion. It all started in 1836, when George Calvert Yount founded the town planting Napa Valley's first official vineyard. Today, vinesyountvillesidewalk.jpg?width=289 stretch from the Mayacamas mountains to the Napa River. Yountville's compact layout, clustered around Washington Street, is also perfect for biking not only on the existing street grid but along the ever expanding Napa Valley Vine Trail which when com

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Back in the mid-1960s, the Orlando region of central Florida was lake-dotted but also unappealing to most people - a hot, swampy, mosquito-ridden backwater. Then came “The Mouse” – Disney’s Magic Kingdom – and lo, these 45 years later, Greater Orlando is now a pixie-dust-transformed mecca for holidaymakers from across the globe, and indeed, the USA’s most visited city. Walt Disney World (with parks EpcotAnimal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios added) remains a key draw of course – now in additi

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Costa Rica is always great for family vacations, with its exotic wildlife, amazing nature, thrilling adventure tours, and of course, being the safest place to travel in 2016.

Families who travel to Costa Rica know that the charming Central American country is a fun, easy and safe family vacation destination. Costa Rica is not only a most recommended travel hotspot in the world; it also tops the list of safe places to travel in 2016.

Costa Rica is always a great place for families to travel with ki

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Barcelona's Bountiful Boqueria Market

"By their markets ye shall know them."  OK, no one actually ever said that, but on my travels I have often found it to be true. After all, what lovelier way to learn the nuances of a foreign culture than rubbing shoulders with the locals, tasting the flavors of their land? Well yes, there is literature and art and music, but we certainly can't appreciate those on an empty stomach; and so, before heading to the Prado or the pyramids or a voodoo ceremony, you may just find me visiting the local

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The Temples of India's Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the dessert state of India is not only known for its beautiful and picturesque tourist destinations but also for its cultural heritage that is depicted by the numerous temples in the state. The temples of Rajasthan are in fact some of the most excellent tourist attractions of the state. While some of them were built more than a few centuries ago, there are many that boast of amazing architecture too. Here is a quick look at some of the interesting temples in Rajasthan.


Pushkar Temple


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When Did Travel Become a Commodity?

When Did Travel Become a Commodity?

When did it stop being an experience and more of a package, a deal, a search result?

Travel has turned into an obsession for the cheapest airfare, cheapest hotel room and pretty much the lowest, cheapest  cost for anything and every thing related to travel.

Wasn't so long ago that airlines, the most commodified of the travel experience were sufficiently different from each other that you could them apart.

There were differences in food served, space between rows
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¿Sabe usted dónde se concentra la mayor cantidad de bosque tropical seco de América? Podrá encontrar la respuesta en la provincia de Guanacaste, en Costa Rica. Valga la ocasión para describir grosso modo en qué consiste este tipo de foresta. Se compone de una vegetación que sobrevive con mucho menos agua que el bosque tropical húmedo, pues tiene una temporada seca que se extiende por aproximadamente 8 meses. Sin embargo, esta característica no le resta magnificencia a la flora y fauna que la hab

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Keeping Your Home Safe When You Travel

I travel a lot which means I'm away from home and it also means that I think about home safety and security.  I have a few things that I do but I'm always on the prowl for tips and useful information on keeping my home safe.  I live in a condominium and recently received a notice under my door that our building had two break ins.  Both break-ins occurred when the home owners were out of town.  This means that someone must have known they weren't home.  You couldn't get any closer to home than th

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5 Musts on a Weekend in Rome

Every year millions of tourists from every corner of the earth flock to Rome. The city enjoys a never-ending stream of visitors, simply because there is so much worth seeing. It might take you weeks and weeks to see and do everything in this open-air museum, but if you are going for a short weekend break, there are 5 must-dos in Rome!


#1. Watch the sun goes down over the city


The best spot for sunset watching is probably the Pinciana Hill. It is part of the park of Villa Borghese and close to Piaz

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Why Is Hotel Web Content so Boring?

9008664080?profile=originalWhy Is Hotel Web Content so Boring?

There was an interesting round table  discussion recently sponsored by visual content management powerhouse, VFM Leonardo  .

The basic question the panel was asked to consider was this: Why is hotel web site content so boring, and how can it be made more engaging for the traveler?

It so happens, that the initial  stage in travel decisions is the all-important  “Planning Stage,” the tipping point, so to speak.

So if content is almost exclusively transactional and
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TripAdvisor Plot Thickens: Second Charges Filed

The review giant seems reeling these days with legal and PR woes from all directions.

In the latest plot development, Hotelmarketing.com reports that a more serious complaint against TripAdvisor  has been lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority,  the UK organization charged with regulating advertising across all media.

The second probe, instigated by reputation management gadfly, Kwikchex  is now asking that all third parties using TripAdviso

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Wine Country Artist Retreat

There are all types of getaways.  The choices are limitless…from big adventure to soft adventure, romantic to family, glamping to camping.  The key to getting it right is understanding what your heart and soul needs.  Is it downtime you crave, or do want to lounge beside a pool drinking long cool drinks, or maybe you just need time to listen to your “creative” without distractions?  I call this last kind of getaway, Going Away To Go Within. If you’re an artist of any kind you’ll know exactly wha

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Are You Flying a Mean Airline?

Are You Flying a Mean Airline? 

It’s great that the airlines made money last year, all except American Airlines that is.

And according the recently released 2011 Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report, the experience of flying has improved too.

The AQR  is a touted as a “premier statistical study of major airline performances in the United States” conducted by a Wichita State and Purdue University professor.

Still, outrageous baggage fees, elimination of food and other creature comforts, numerous add-
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Tango At The Rhinecliff Hotel, New York (Video Review)

Please watch the 1-minute Video Review at the end of this post

I love the rooms at The Rhinecliff Hotel. There is something special about the lack of clutter, the "granny chic" touches, the way the walls jut and curve, and the rich, broad-beam wood under my feet.

Of course you have to like funky, like it a lot, to love The Rhinecliff.

 It sits across an antique railroad trestle that looks like a set for a play. A real train passes under it on i
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Kylie Minogue Goes "Chiggy Wiggy" in India

by Tripatini staff

Most pop songs in India come out of its movie industry — the famous “Bollywood” based in Mumbai aka Bombay — and this tune is from Blue, released in late '09. It’s a big-budget action flick shot in the Bahamas — something about an underwater treasure guarded by sharks — but being Bollywood, you also need your big musical numbers, of course. Composed by A.R. Rahman, who did the music for Slumdog Millionaire, for this one they snagged Aussie dance diva Kylie Minogue to duet with

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Nighttime View of Dubai Taken from the Hilton Dubai Creek

(TTBS) I like to think of myself as a good person and responsible traveler but here's a confession, I'm not.

Sure, I've chastised litterbugs and those molesting animals in national parks and even gave my food to a homeless man last year but my irresponsible tourism blunder happened during my 2006 trip to Kabul. For those not in the know, I missed my flight to Kabul and ended up spending the night in Dubai before meeting up with the rest

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