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Culture shock is the experience a person has when moving between social environments. Difficulties allied with moving to different settings include technology and generational gaps, language barriers, informational surpluses and response provision ability. Each traveler has to be exposed to different stages of culture shock - which include the honeymoon, the frustration stage, the adjustment stage and finally acceptance. In the honeymoon, visitor’s may be overwhelmed due to the difference

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The Complete Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class

What: A comprehensive destination marketing & sales workshop for travel writers of all levels.

Where: Shinta Mani Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia

When: October 22-28, 2017




Who: Roy Stevenson, professional freelance travel writer with more than 1,000 published articles. Roy’s work has been published in more than 200 print magazines, trade journals, specialty magazines, custom

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Hoi An Travel Writing & Photography Retreat
December 9-15, 2018
Hoi An, Vietnam


Do you want to be a travel writer? 

Do you want to improve your skills at this enjoyable craft? 

Do you want some practice using your camera to help tell your story?

Join us at our Hoi An Travel Writing & Photography Retreat in December.  We’ll spend time together inside the classroom learning about travel writing and photography. Then we'll explore the ancient city dreaming up story ideas and making photographs to help y

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We may not be packing for our next great adventure but there are days when we take time out of our busy schedules to pour over maps and travel guides and begin dreaming of our next trip. In anticipation of future trips, the following are 5 places we cannot stop dreaming about:


For many people, the very word ‘Serbia’ has taken on a pretty negative sound, one that evokes memories of wars and troubles dating back to the painful break-up of Yugoslavia in the early nineties. Things are far bett

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Astounding Africa: Your Time has Come!!

The distant echo of South Africa has become a thunderous roar, and I am thrilled to announce I am heeding the call and going on safari in May! Not just any quickie, surface-deep safari, but total immersion withOverseas Adventure Travel’s “Ultimate 17-day Safari.” We will travel as a small group  to conservation-minded Botswana; less-traveled Zimbabwe where I will partake of an elephant-back safari near Victoria Falls, the largest curtain of water in the world; and to Zambia for  incredible wildl

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Forty-eight engaging commentaries by "a modern day Mark Twain," sociologist, photographer, and prize-winning travel journalist, Peter Rose. Included are accounts of excursions on land and sea and portraits of places and people from Cape Cod to Cape Horn. There are captivating photos, stories about playing gumshoe in Honolulu, tour guide in Amsterdam and taxonomist in China, descriptions of windjamming in Maine and on the Mediterranean, trekking in Tuscany, exploring Tierra del Fuego aboard the M
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9008563499?profile=originalLost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler's Tales was placed on the list of the top travel writing in 2010 by Ellen Barone, adventure journalist and photographer. It excites me to be included on a list with such travel writing luminaries as Tim Cahill and Rolf Potts, both authors I emulate and admire.


Check it out.

I am going to read every book on the list.

Happy New Year


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