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9008563499?profile=originalLost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler's Tales was placed on the list of the top travel writing in 2010 by Ellen Barone, adventure journalist and photographer. It excites me to be included on a list with such travel writing luminaries as Tim Cahill and Rolf Potts, both authors I emulate and admire.

Check it out.

I am going to read every book on the list.

Happy New Year


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Jack London and Me

9008581285?profile=originalAs I trotted behind my guide along the trails that Jack London once rode, I imagined myself as one of the many friends he led on horseback rides through his 1,400-acre Beauty Ranch in the early 1900s. We galloped through stands of eucalyptus, madrona, and towering redwood trees that shaded fern-filled glens just as Jack described them in his novel The Valley of the Moon. Delighted with each new vista I, too, felt “vitalized, organic” as I overlooked vineyards in their tidy rows stretching to the

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