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Road trips are always a cool mix of adventure and fun.  It is one of the most exciting ways of travelling and exploring the world on wheels. But you also need to be aware about some situations that are associated with such trips. There is one term associated with the road trips, that is, ‘highway hypnosis – a state in which the driver’s conscious mind is focussed elsewhere but he keeps driving. This has led to many accidents on the highway.  

There are few tips below which will help y

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Atenas-Costa-Rica-views-2-300x104.jpg?width=300There are as many reasons for moving to Costa Rica as there are foreign residents living here. Every year, millions of tourists come to Costa Rica on vacation. Some choose to stay longer and make the leap to move here permanently.

The small, country town of Atenas Costa Rica, is one of the leading places that have captured the hearts of foreign residents.

“I love living here,” said Atenas resident Anna Hunt, who is originally from Poland. “One of the main reasons we picked Atenas is because we wan

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