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Atenas-Costa-Rica-views-2-300x104.jpg?width=300There are as many reasons for moving to Costa Rica as there are foreign residents living here. Every year, millions of tourists come to Costa Rica on vacation. Some choose to stay longer and make the leap to move here permanently.

The small, country town of Atenas Costa Rica, is one of the leading places that have captured the hearts of foreign residents.

“I love living here,” said Atenas resident Anna Hunt, who is originally from Poland. “One of the main reasons we picked Atenas is because we wan

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valledelsol4 by dylanburkey, on FlickrWhether you are thinking to live in Atenas, Costa Rica, are visiting Atenas in one of the many vacation homes, or have already moved to Costa Rica, you can find many things to do. Within an hour’s drive of Atenas, you can enjoy a round of nine or 18 holes of golf in Costa Rica on five excellent courses.

The Central Valley Golf Association (CVGA) has more than 150 members, and is open to all residents and visitors. They hold regular tournaments and a big Year-End Texas Scramble and Fiesta in Decem

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Atenas Costa Rica perfect climate

Saying that you have “The Best Climate in the World” is quite a claim. The little town of Atenas Costa Rica, Atenas-bus-climate-slogan-150x150.jpg?width=150nevertheless has stepped up and asserted that it has the best climate in the world. The motto is plastered across the backs of all buses in Atenas, on a few billboards, and even graces the name of a restaurant in town. Read anything about Atenas and you will find the “best climate” remark.

But is it true?

“For me, Atenas has a perfect climate because we have long sunny days where the temper

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To the west of the hustle and bustle of the capital city of San Jose, lies the small town of Atenas, Costa Rica. The rural town of farms and coffee plantations sits on the far edge of the country’s Central Valley, where the steep mountains spill down to the Central Pacific Coast.

Las-Brisas-views-to-San-Jose-300x225.jpg?width=300Atenas is known for having one of the best climates in the world – more sunny days than rainy and moderate temperatures. The reputation has made Atenas a major international retirement destination. AARP, the largest asso

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Normally, you don't see tough, radical conservationists attending lectures by land developers. But there they were, 100 strong, from the Nature Conservancy, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and from all over Latin America – all raptly listening to how land development can actually preserve forests.

Nervous before his formidable audience, Guillermo Piedra Gonzalez explained how his small residential development in the tiny country of Costa Rica is carving out a niche

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We set out down the beach under a leaden sky stuffed with clouds. It was 8:00 at night, close to my bedtime (I know, I'm on Costa Rica "country" time). At first it was hard to see, with the nearly full moon sliding in and out of clouds; but soon our eyes adjusted to the dimness. A light mist began to dust us, and not a soul stirred nearby.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle arriving to nest on Matapalo Beach, Costa RicaWe were on sea turtle patrol.

Five of us were decked out in dark colors to blend with the night. Sea turtles don't like bright lights – and, ergo, light-colored

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