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The last 18 miles of the road leading to the Monteverde is full of ruts and potholes by design, and takes over an hour and a half to bump your way in. The locals like it that way, and they choose not to fix it because then it would be a little too easy then for tourists to visit.

That may not sound all that hospitable, but it illustrates the emphasis Costa Ricans place on conservation. And the cloud forest, which I visited prior to Covid as part of an Overseas Ad

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Costa Rica is known for its rainforests, beaches, nature and biodiversity. True, indeed.

But do you know that Costa Rica is the most innovative country in Latin America? Or that the Central American nation has celebrated well over a half-century of peace with no military forces? Or that it is home to a highly-educated society with thriving export and technology industries, and fast-growing foreign investment?

Costa Rica Essential image in nature, photo by PROCOMERCosta Rica's newly launched country brand, "Essential Costa Rica" (Esencial Costa Rica),

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I’ve been reading about ocean pollution, and the facts are really quite shocking. Apparently, it was once a common practice to “get rid of trash” by dumping it into the ocean, and there was even a positive catchphrase: “The solution to pollution is dilution.”

Pacific Ocean garbage patchPeople assumed that the oceans were so vast and deep that the trash would simply be swallowed up and we’d never see it again. How very wrong. All of that trash – pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, detergents, oil, sewage, plastic

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Choose Costa Rica for your winter getawayCosta Rica’s summer season is beginning, just in time to beat the winter blues with affordable winter vacation destinations.

Find your winter sun in Costa Rica, an easy and fun tropical getaway. Miles of beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts make for great beach vacations. Rainforests, cloud forests and active volcanoes provide exciting jungle adventures. Two international airports allow for numerous daily flights to Costa Rica.

Get your Costa Rica Guide and pack your suitcase. Costa Ri

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You don't need a well-manicured grass pitch. You don't even need all 22 players, or fancy uniforms … or even shoes, for that matter. All you need is a ball and people willing to play.

Football brings kids together in South AfricaThe most popular sport in the world – football (known as soccer in the USA) – can be played anywhere by anyone. That's the simple beauty of a sport that traverses borders, has brought bitter enemies together, even stopped wars, and has been a unifying force across the planet.

"As a consequence of its simplicity and g

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We set out down the beach under a leaden sky stuffed with clouds. It was 8:00 at night, close to my bedtime (I know, I'm on Costa Rica "country" time). At first it was hard to see, with the nearly full moon sliding in and out of clouds; but soon our eyes adjusted to the dimness. A light mist began to dust us, and not a soul stirred nearby.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle arriving to nest on Matapalo Beach, Costa RicaWe were on sea turtle patrol.

Five of us were decked out in dark colors to blend with the night. Sea turtles don't like bright lights – and, ergo, light-colored

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The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica is one of my favorite places in the country. Glittering jade and turquoise on the Pacific Ocean, Manuel Antonio is the Central Pacific's crown jewel of destinations.

View of Manuel Antonio from Los Altos Beach Resort and Spa, Costa RicaWhy is this area so intensely popular? Easy. You can find so many of Costa Rica's top activities and attractions all in one jaw-dropping, gorgeous place. Thick, verdant rainforest spills down steep hillsides to white sand beaches and the azure Pacific Ocean. A scalloped coastline begets coves,

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The onset of Costa Rica’s “green season” means it is whitewater rafting time! Rainwater flows into Costa Rica’s tropical rivers this time of year, making the rapids bigger and more exciting. What could be more fun than splashing down a warm-water tropical river on a hydro-powered rollercoaster? Costa Rica is one of the world’s top destinations for whitewater rafting.

See waterfalls and rainforest rafting on the Pacuare River, Costa Rica / photo by Rios Tropicales

Tropical rivers in Costa Rica are renowned for their beauty. Thick green jungle splashed with rainbow colors of over-sized flowers,

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Green Season Begins in Costa Rica!

I don’t know about you, but I’m doing a happy dance this week along with the rest of nature in Costa Rica. The rains have returned! The land here welcomes the beginning of Green Season like a parched traveler finally reaching a watering hole after a long dry desert-crossing.

Green Season in Costa Rica means lush green countryside

My gardens are thrilled … if I can get a little anthropomorphic. The flowers seem to stand straighter, as if to drink in the rain even better. After just 3 afternoons of rain this week, already millions of tiny fluorescent

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Looking for ideas on where to go and what to do on vacation in Costa Rica?

Here’s an interesting and fabulously varied trip to 6 of Costa Rica’s top tourist destinations, and all while staying in charming and luxurious boutique hotels. The unique architecture, personalized service and enchanting intimacy that you find at boutique hotels make this Costa Rica tour package especially attractive.

Put together by Costa Rica vacation experts, Team CRT, the Costa Rica Boutique Hotels” package lasts 11 d

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