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One thing about Costa Rica is the country loves a good party! Costa Ricans are known for being gregarious and fun-loving and their enthusiasm is contagious when the country celebrates its numerous fiestas, festivals and horse parades.

Costa Rica celebrates its cowboy heritage with horse paradesPlan your travel to Costa Rica during these cultural events and experience first-hand the country's rich local traditions, tasty cuisine, vibrant music, and sense of fun. Make new friends and have a grand time! Costa Rica's summer season definitely is jam-packed wit

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9008918257?profile=originalEssential Costa Rica’s new campaign wants to help save overworked Americans and Canadians from stressful environments and long working hours by drawing them to come visit its natural paradise.

According to its website 59% of Americans feel vacation deprived, and also leave over 500,000,000 vacation days unused. The campaign shows these workers as animals in danger that need to be saved.

Save the American’s website offers traveling ideas and tips to learn when visiting Costa Rica, it displays a map

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Gaia-Hotel-Manuel-Antonio-Costa-Rica-300x225.jpg?width=300The lush rainforest, beautiful unspoiled beaches, and towering volcanoes of Costa Rica are some of the biggest draws for visitors to this Central American eco-paradise. But while being eco-friendly, travelers who visit Costa Rica don’t have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy nature and Costa Rica adventure tours.

Here are five favorite eco-hotels that have teamed up being eco-friendly with five-star comfort and service and unique charm. Get a full list of the best eco-hotels in Costa Rica and top Cost

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Medical tourism internationally a big businessAs healthcare costs skyrocket in top nations around the globe, many people are going on sick leave and vacation at the same time.

The world medical tourism industry has become a $10.5 billion business based on the availability of high-quality medical services at reasonable rates in many developing countries. Patients are traveling abroad not only for quick-recovery cosmetic surgeries or dental procedures, but also for sophisticated surgeries, such as cardiac, orthopedics, neurosurgery, Bariatric,

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All-inclusive resorts make vacation planning easy. Everything you need – place to stay, meals, activities, entertainment – is included in one price. You don't have to worry about the details, hidden extras or going over budget. Going to an all-inclusive resort is truly a no-worry vacation.

All-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica have been around for years, but the concept is booming. Major international hotel chains are now in the country, and almost all of Costa Rica's all-inclusive resorts are loca

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Costa Rica – home of ecotourism and thrilling adventure tours – is not usually the first vacation destination people think of for travelers with disabilities. However, the country's tourism industry is working to change that image and make Costa Rica's famous attractions more accessible.

So far, reports are positive from tourists who have enjoyed accessible vacations in Costa Rica. Several of Costa Rica's national parks and tour attractions either have fully accessible designs or have added eleme

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You don't need a well-manicured grass pitch. You don't even need all 22 players, or fancy uniforms … or even shoes, for that matter. All you need is a ball and people willing to play.

Football brings kids together in South AfricaThe most popular sport in the world – football (known as soccer in the USA) – can be played anywhere by anyone. That's the simple beauty of a sport that traverses borders, has brought bitter enemies together, even stopped wars, and has been a unifying force across the planet.

"As a consequence of its simplicity and g

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Re-use your towels at your hotel, ask that your bed linens not be changed daily, take a shower instead of a bath, wear water-resistant sunblock – these are all ways travelers can be responsible water consumers and participate in this year's World Tourism Day that highlights water conservation.

World Tourism Day 2013 image by UNWTOIn support of the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation for 2013, this year's World Tourism Day (WTD) on September 27 is themed: Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future.

Travelers ar

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Why you need coconut oil for better health

In many places around the world, this remedy has been used to treat countless maladies, from digestive problems to allergies to skin issues, while at the same time improving conditions in diabetes and Alzheimer's, increasing energy and boosting metabolism.

Coconut oil for healthIt's not a miracle cure, nor a pharmaceutical breakthrough. Rather, it is simple coconut oil.

Coconut oil's popularity in the Western world has snowballed in recent years. However, in many regions, its medicinal and health benefits are ancient h

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One of the most popular day tours from San Jose, Costa Rica, is the charming artisan town of Sarchi.

Sarchi, Costa Rica, painted oxcart souvenirsCalled the "cradle of Costa Rican handicrafts," both international tourists and locals alike visit Sarchi for its more than 200 stores and small family-operated woodworking and leather workshops. It is a perfect Central Valley day tour to combine with the Poás Volcano, a coffee tour, or the Juan Castro Blanco National Park. Sarchi is also an excellent stop on the way to Volcano Arenal.

Located on t

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While massage may have developed a reputation as an indulgence for people who love pampering, studies reveal that it has wide-reaching, evident health benefits, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Massage helps boost immune systemResearch over the past few years has found that massage therapy boosts immune function in women with breast cancer, improves symptoms in children with asthma, and increases grip strength in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, reports the Wall Street Journal. Other massage therapy benef

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The onset of Costa Rica’s “green season” means it is whitewater rafting time! Rainwater flows into Costa Rica’s tropical rivers this time of year, making the rapids bigger and more exciting. What could be more fun than splashing down a warm-water tropical river on a hydro-powered rollercoaster? Costa Rica is one of the world’s top destinations for whitewater rafting.

See waterfalls and rainforest rafting on the Pacuare River, Costa Rica / photo by Rios Tropicales

Tropical rivers in Costa Rica are renowned for their beauty. Thick green jungle splashed with rainbow colors of over-sized flowers,

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For Costa Rica Tourism Minister Allan Flores, the news of more and more international airlines announcing new routes or more flights to Costa Rica shows the huge success of efforts by the Costa Rican National Tourism Board to attract more airlines and flights to the country from Costa Rica’s key international tourism markets.

“This news represents the basis to continue with marketing efforts, along with the government’s strong policy focused on increasing flight frequency, new flights and attract

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