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“When multiplied by a global chorus, our individual voices and actions become exponential in their impact.”United Nations, World Environment Day Committee

World Environment Day 2014 United Nations

Today is all about working together for the good of the planet. It is World Environment Day (WED)!

Every year on June 5, the United Nations celebrates the biggest day of the year for positive environmental action. This year’s host nation for World Environment Day is the small Caribbean island of Barbados, which is rising as a world leader in

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One thing about Costa Rica is the country loves a good party! Costa Ricans are known for being gregarious and fun-loving and their enthusiasm is contagious when the country celebrates its numerous fiestas, festivals and horse parades.

Costa Rica celebrates its cowboy heritage with horse paradesPlan your travel to Costa Rica during these cultural events and experience first-hand the country's rich local traditions, tasty cuisine, vibrant music, and sense of fun. Make new friends and have a grand time! Costa Rica's summer season definitely is jam-packed wit

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Costa Rica’s greatly varied terrain, from beaches to jungle to rugged mountains, makes for a fun playground for ATV tours.

Costa Rica's diverse terrain is great for ATV tours

Officially known as All-Terrain Vehicles, or “Quads” in North America and “Quad Bikes” in England and Australia, ATVs can be an exciting way to access Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes where other vehicles can’t travel. You also can cover more ground and see more than hiking. Some of Costa Rica’s best places for ATV riding include the Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio, Jacó, and

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Gaia-Hotel-Manuel-Antonio-Costa-Rica-300x225.jpg?width=300The lush rainforest, beautiful unspoiled beaches, and towering volcanoes of Costa Rica are some of the biggest draws for visitors to this Central American eco-paradise. But while being eco-friendly, travelers who visit Costa Rica don’t have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy nature and Costa Rica adventure tours.

Here are five favorite eco-hotels that have teamed up being eco-friendly with five-star comfort and service and unique charm. Get a full list of the best eco-hotels in Costa Rica and top Cost

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Your email inbox has 50 new messages. Your boss needs that top-priority presentation on her desk by midday. Your phone won't stop ringing. Your smart phone is buzzing with more email and text alerts. Your work team has called an impromptu crisis meeting requiring your immediate attention. Your key assistant is out sick and your client orders are out of control. You're still trying to figure out how to get Billy to soccer practice and Betsy to her ballet recital across town with only 15 minutes b

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Many wild Scarlet Macaws live in Costa Rica's Carara National ParkOne of the most brilliantly beautiful tropical birds is definitely the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao). Its loud, raucous squawks carry for miles, so usually you hear them before you see them. When you do sight a Scarlet Macaw in the wild, they are breathtaking – fire engine red bodies with sunshine yellow and royal blue wing feathers tinged with a bit of green, and a distinct stark white patch around both eyes.

An endangered species, Scarlet Macaws live in tropical forests from Mexico to South America

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Tropical forests cover 15% of the globe's surface and capture 25% of the carbon present in the atmosphere. These healthy forests play a critical role in curbing climate change. They "breathe" CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in trees and soil; in fact, roughly half of the world's terrestrial carbon is stored in forests, according to the international organization Conservation International.

Costa Rica is the only tropical country to substantially reverse deforestationCosta Rica is the first, and so far the only, tropical country in the world that has reversed a decades

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Green Season Begins in Costa Rica!

I don’t know about you, but I’m doing a happy dance this week along with the rest of nature in Costa Rica. The rains have returned! The land here welcomes the beginning of Green Season like a parched traveler finally reaching a watering hole after a long dry desert-crossing.

Green Season in Costa Rica means lush green countryside

My gardens are thrilled … if I can get a little anthropomorphic. The flowers seem to stand straighter, as if to drink in the rain even better. After just 3 afternoons of rain this week, already millions of tiny fluorescent

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I met Nemo the other day. Well, actually it was his cousin. Instead of a cute bright orange and white striped Clownfish, this little guy was a vibrant yellow and turquoise with dark stripes. It swam right up to my snorkel mask, in my mind to say, “Hi!” Really, what it was probably thinking was “bug off,” given that it was a Sergeant Major Fish and highly protective of its territory.

Planet Dolphin catamaran Tom Cat II, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I was living the good life on a Planet Dolphin catamaran sailing and snorkeling tour off of Quepos and Manuel Anton

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