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Costa Rica’s greatly varied terrain, from beaches to jungle to rugged mountains, makes for a fun playground for ATV tours.

Costa Rica's diverse terrain is great for ATV tours

Officially known as All-Terrain Vehicles, or “Quads” in North America and “Quad Bikes” in England and Australia, ATVs can be an exciting way to access Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes where other vehicles can’t travel. You also can cover more ground and see more than hiking. Some of Costa Rica’s best places for ATV riding include the Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio, Jacó, and

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The world's environmental grades have been posted by Yale University. So, which countries are really "walking the talk" with their national environmental policies and actions?

Costa Rica is home to thousands of butterflies like this Morpho at PortasolEuropean nations are at the top of the world class, with a lone contender from the Americas – Costa Rica, placing 5th best in the world for its environmental performance, according to the recent Environmental Performance Index (EPI) released by the Yale University Center for Environmental Law and Policy and the Columbia Uni

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What are you doing for your summer holiday?

Go for a beach - surf vacation in Costa Rica this year with Del Mar Surf Camp!What about a beach holiday in the tropics? Sun, sand, surf … Costa Rica is at the top of all popular travel sites this year. Warm water, abundant sunshine, palm trees, balmy temperatures, friendly people, and lots of great places to stay and things to do. This year, try an active surfing vacation in tropical Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is the third most popular destination for surfing after Hawaii and Indonesia. With 762 miles of coastlines spread along the P

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