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Basic Hindi for travellersTto India

Here are some of the most frequently used Hindi words and phrases most likely to be used when in India. Feel free to ask me anything and I will try to record them for you. If you feel, I have missed out on any words and phrases, feel free to comment and get in touch. You can actually see the list of Hindi travel words and phrases here. Let me know what you think. 







Feel free to ask anything you like. 


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Taiwan: Language Death in Action

In the middle of the wedding, my friend's grandma, a short, stocky, but strong aboriginal Taiwanese woman in her 80s, went up on stage. She grabbed the microphone and, after a short introduction in Mandarin, the dominant language in Taiwan, began a Christian prayer in the Atayal language.

The fluid, slightly raspy words sounded quite different than the varying toned, short-syllables of Mandarin. I was in Taichung, Taiwan, a groomsman at the wedding of my good friend. Here, the attendees were most

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I'm something of a language geek, and I'm particularly fascinated by the linguistic patchwork of Europe. I mean, many of us know about Spain's regional languages like Catalan, Basque, and Galician. But when it comes to, say, Germany, Italy, or France, I've found many people tend to assume everybody speaks only German, Italian, and French.

They forget , though (or maybe never knew), that such countries were formed from a, yes, patchwork of regions with sometimes quite distinct cultures and lan

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When you visit the local towns, museums, and awesome Mayan ruins on the Riviera Maya and the rest of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula (or for that matter in Honduras and Guatemala) you’ll see and hear all sorts of strange names and phrases – chaac mool, popol vuh, k’atun, kukulkan, and so forth.

9008710299?profile=originalWell… strange to you, maybe.

Millions of people in Mexico and Central America today speak variants of that same language, including around a million in the Yucatan. There are actually more than 20 dialects

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This Is Africa

Africa consists of people of different tribes and languages that form communities. There exist as many ethnic languages as there are ethnic tribes. Some communities may share the names of some objects or how they refer to different occasions of seasons while other communities are completely different depending on their direction of origin or the influence they experienced during the invasion of Africa by the white.

After a lot of time has passed and so many remarkable changes have been noticed si

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The Languages of the Seychelles

Are you thinking about a holiday in the Seychelles and wanting to know what languages are spoken.Well the Seychelles Islands has 3 Official National Languages namely that of Creole ( or Kreol or Seselwa), French and English. The Creole language is reported to be an adaption of the 17th Century French with an influence from Africa as well as Madagascar.In 1981 the Seychelles Government made Creole an official language while the neighbouring country of Mauritius does not acknowledge Creole as an o
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