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It was a rainy autumn day in Tokyo, as my companions and I shuffled out of the Toei Chikatetsu metro line at Asakusa Station. Emerging onto the street level, we quickly opened and raised our large, red paper umbrellas, on loan from our escorts, and made our way down a few alleys to the Ohshimaya Onda Chochin Lantern Shop.


Here, we were greeted with bows by Mr. Shunji Onda himself, a fifth generation master of the Japanese paper lantern.


Mr. Onda’s business was founded 160 years ago by his great-

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This Is Africa

Africa consists of people of different tribes and languages that form communities. There exist as many ethnic languages as there are ethnic tribes. Some communities may share the names of some objects or how they refer to different occasions of seasons while other communities are completely different depending on their direction of origin or the influence they experienced during the invasion of Africa by the white.

After a lot of time has passed and so many remarkable changes have been noticed si

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