The Languages of the Seychelles

Are you thinking about a holiday in the Seychelles and wanting to know what languages are spoken.Well the Seychelles Islands has 3 Official National Languages namely that of Creole ( or Kreol or Seselwa), French and English. The Creole language is reported to be an adaption of the 17th Century French with an influence from Africa as well as Madagascar.In 1981 the Seychelles Government made Creole an official language while the neighbouring country of Mauritius does not acknowledge Creole as an official language.Creole is the native language of approximately 94% of the Seychelles Population. However English and French are commonly spoken and written. The local Seychelles Newspaper providing the latest news on the Seychelles called The Nation would be one publication that is written in English and Creole. Creole is taught in the public schools and more and more literature and poetry are now published in Creole. English remains the language used in government and commerce.We have a list of a few sayings for you in Creole to test out while on your holiday in the Seychelles..Hello is BonzourHow are you? is Konman Sava?I am well is Byen MersiThank you is MersiVery much is Mersi BokouGood Bye is OrevwarWhere do you come from is Kote ou sortiWhat is your name is Ki Mannyer ou apele?My Name is ... Mon apel ...Can you speak Kreole? is Ou kabab kos kreole?Please stop here is Aret isi silvoupleHow much is KonbyenWhere is the toilet? is Kote Kabinen i ete sivouple?Where may I get a drink? is Kote mon kapab ganny en keksoz pou bwar?How much does this cost? Konbuen i vann?No thanks is non, mersiAND this is my favourite-everything is : No Problem which translated is napa problemChalets d' Anse Forbans offers excellent Self Catering Beach Accommodation on the Island of Mahé Seychelles. All Chalets are mere steps away from the secluded beach of Anse Forbans. If you are planning a holiday in the Seychelles and looking for affordable accommodation then why not book your holiday at Chalets d' Anse Forbans. Book your Seychelles Holiday Accommodation: