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Explore the Best Sea Experiences in Hawaii


If there's one place on Earth that's synonymous with ocean beauty, it's Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands, with their lush landscapes, volcanic wonders, and miles of pristine coastline, are a dream come true for ocean lovers. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling water adventures or someone who prefers to float serenely on the gentle waves, Hawaii offers something for everyone.

In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through five of the best sea experiences in Hawaii, where you

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Cheap Andaman Tour Package

The Andaman group of islands is situated about 1500 km from mainland India. This beautiful  escape is popular among all types of travelers, groups, honeymoon couples, and families.

The island Islands is blessed with white sandy beaches, rich history, and lush rainforest. However, the remote location of the Andaman islands and the topography makes it very complicated for travelers to plan their trip to Andaman.

Most of the islands popular among tourists are located far from Port Blair (the capital

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Top 10 Free place to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is the one of the largest and capital city of India. There are several place where you can visit Mumbai and enjoy that to for free.Broadly known as the City of Dreams, Mumbai – some time ago known as Bombay - Mumbai is a perfectly mixed mixture of societies and ways of life.

The city absorbs everything into its texture, making it's own one of a kind. From forthcoming entertainers battling to become wildly successful on the cinema; from Bolly geniuses to large industrialists to clans of ang

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Exploring the Exciting Adventure Side of Montenegro


As a small country situated on the Adriatic Coast of the Balkans of southeast Europe, Montenegro is truly a wonderful pearl of the Mediterranean region. There is absolutely no way that you can find a small piece of Earth as beautiful as the one I am writing about right now. Natural surroundings, parks, lakes, and rivers create a breathtaking lobby to a sea entrance.

From the rugged terrains of beautiful and wild mountains averaging more than 2,000 meters in elevation up to long and bre

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Is Split Croatia's Most Underrated City?


Europe - and the world - tempt with many amazing travel destinations, but Croatia in some ways is in a class by itself. Known for its stunning coastline, mouthwatering cuisine, and intriguing culture, Croatia should be one of the countries for your bucket list.
If you love the beach, you will have plenty to lovely options along the Dalmatian coast, from laid back to amped up. It's also popular because it offers a raft of amenities both upscale and budget-friendly, and has become even m

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Port Dickson is a town on the coast of south-central peninsular Malaysia, just over an hour south of Kuala Lumpur. The town used to produce charcoal, hence was also called "Arang" (charcoal) in the Malay language. There was also a carbon mine at Port Dickson. Today it's a popular holiday destination and is known for Beaches. There are many other tourist attractions in Port Dickson to visit, but in this post I'm are going to cover its four best beaches:


Blue Lagoon (Pantai Tanjung Biru)

Also known

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It's Sea Turtle Nesting Time in Costa Rica

If you’ve never seen it, the amazing phenomenon of
massive arrivals of hundreds of thousands of sea turtles coming ashore all at once to lay their eggs on Costa Rica’s beaches is one of the world’s most spectacular nature events.

They arrive literally in waves, slowly hauling their heavy bodies out of the ocean and up the beach. They wait for the high tide at night, using the high surf to propel them farther up the sand, and the protection of darkness against predators to dig their nests and l

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Over the past three decades, the world’s population of sea turtles has declined drastically. The world they have occupied since the time of dinosaurs has become a very dangerous place. Nearly all seven sea turtle species on the planet have been classified as endangered or facing extinction.

Why is this important? Sea turtles are significant to our oceans’ ecosystems. They maintain marine habitats, help cycle nutrients, and are part of a balanced food web. As turtles disappear, it affects the heal

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The TAMAR Sea Turtle Project
was founded in the 1980s, although it all began in the 70s when some students who loved oceanography documented the mistreatment of sea turtles on Brazilian beaches by some people, and it has grown since to form the large organization it represents today.

Praia do Forte, in Bahia, is the national headquarters of the project. Around 30 kilometers of the beach are monitored, also ensuring the protection of the young of four species of sea turtles. This is the center th

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9296595285?profile=originalArticle by Shannon Farley

In the easy-going surf and yoga town of Playa Guiones, Costa Rica, there is a very strange smell in the air this time of year.

Besides the fresh scent of the ocean, from January to April, it smells like a giant stack of maple syrup covered pancakes. What is that gingerbread cookie smell pervading everywhere?

It's molasses – all over the streets.

No, the residents of this little tourist town in the Nosara region of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula don’t have such a sweet tooth

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9008912667?profile=originalThousands of visitors come to Costa Rica each year with the hope of witnessing the extraordinary phenomenon of seeing sea turtles nest and lay their eggs. These ancient reptiles have been swimming Earth’s waters for at least 150 million years, mysteriously returning to the same beach where they were born.


Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast beaches receive mass arrivals of female turtles by the tens of thousands, and the Costa Rica Caribbean beaches have crucial world nesting sites. Of the seven species

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9008893474?profile=originalCelebrate the sea turtles of Costa Rica every November at the Matapalo Sea Turtle Festival.


The annual sea turtle festival on Nov. 15 and 16 at Matapalo Beach, halfway between Manuel Antonio National Park and Dominical on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast, celebrates the Matapalo Sea Turtle Conservation Project and hatching of baby sea turtles. This year’s festival celebrates the project’s 25th anniversary.


9008893501?profile=originalMatapalo Beach is a main nesting area for three species of sea turtles in Costa Rica. Ev

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Nosara River tour, photo by Nosara River Safari

The transition from rainy season to summer season in Costa Rica is a time of abundant wildlife. Rivers, streams, lakes and ponds are full of water, vegetation is lush, and settings are ideal for capturing Costa Rica’s exotic wildlife on camera.

Nosara River SafariThis is especially true on a river trip. In the Nosara Costa Rica area on the Nicoya Peninsula, the Nosara River Safari gives visitors a really close look at animal and plant life while cruising on the Nosara and Montana rivers onboard a quiet electric-mot

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They live in the sea, are on the World Wildlife Fund’s “Endangered Species List”, and frequent the waters around Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast Tortuguero National Park. Their lives, though on similar paths, are a bit conflicted.

I’m talking about sea turtles and manatees. One draws crowds of up to 50,000 tourists each year; the other lives a hidden life and was thought until recently to be extinct.

Costa Rica's Tortuguero National Park is a unique ecosystem web of water & forest

Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica's most popular ecotourism destinations – a microcosm of rainforest, f

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Boutique Hotels Win Acclaim in Costa Rica

Boutique hotel L'Acqua Viva in Costa Rica's Nosara beach

Personally, I prefer staying in small boutique hotels. Large chain hotels have their function, though I rather like when the receptionist remembers my name and is personable enough to care how I am and how my stay is going. I like waiters who remember I favor water without ice and that my mid-afternoon coffee is an absolute must … with a healthy shot of warm milk, if you please. I am deeply grateful to attentive staff who think up and suggest new things to do or places to visit, without being as

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Top Ten Beach travel safety issues


Many people like the beach and enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Both can be hugely enjoyable provided that some sensible precautions are taken. Here are 10 safety issues to consider when visiting the beach:

1. Do not swim where there is a red flag flying. This means danger and there may be strong undercurrents that can overcome even the strongest swimmer. Never underestimate the power of the sea.12beach-grove-pool.3-300x224.jpg

2. Never let children out on inflatable boats that are not tethered by rope to the shore as the wind or

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Hangover Prevention Formula

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, I’ve learned about an all-natural product that prevents the ravaging symptoms of a hangover.
Hangover Prevention Formula is made from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus and a handful of B vitamins. Planning on imbibing? Just pop one capsule per 130 pounds of your body weight, avoid fibrous food for a couple of hours (which interferes with its absorption), and you’re good for 72 hours.


And this product isn’t just for preventing hangovers, it’s also good for comb

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