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Tuscany (Italian: Toscana) is a region on Italy's west coast, on the Tyrrhenian sea. It is one of the most popular places to visit in a country that is itself one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are several reasons to visit Tuscany: some of the most important ones are seeing Renaissance art in Florence, eating Tuscan food and tasting the excellent local wines, and after all this enjoying a day at the beach in Viareggio.

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Sicily Seven

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And we're off! Leaving for Sicily in two days! It's a trip that we've been planning for a year. We're all going: Joyce, Rosie, Susan, Debbie, Donna, Cathy and Mummy! Someone will be bringing a laptop so I'm hoping to be blogging from beautiful downtown Taormina, Sicily. We are planning to visit the birthplace of Mom's mother and father, Trecastagni, too, a town not too far from smoldering Mt. Etna. Assuming we survive the next eruption, there'll be more next week.
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5 Extra Cool Things to Do in Rome




Among the various cities I've traveled to in Europe, Rome is my favorite. The sites, history, construction and ancient buildings mark it as interesting reasons for millions of tourists to flock in each season. Being the key city in Italy, Rome is rich for its traditional and cultural ethics. Standing on the banks of Tiber River, its most outstanding aspect for me is its museums and galleries - this city of seven hills speaks out tradition and art. Thousands of Christians gather to attend ch

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Rome in One Weekend? Sì, Signori!


We travel writers, as you can imagine, regularly get questions from people going on holiday. But when someone referred to me by a dear friend asked what she should not miss when she goes to Italy's capital for all of one weekend, I wanted to ask her – “ma sei pazza??”  (Are you nuts?) You could spend every waking hour for weeks barely scratching the surface of this breathtaking city with a history stretching back nearly 3,000 years, so trying to truly capture la Città Eterna in a mere 48 hours

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