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It happens all the time with the tour operator Overseas Adventure Travel. I start out expecting to write about the trip itself – in this case, Sicily's Ancient Landscapes & Timeless Traditions"-- and I end up writing about all the things that aren't on the itinerary – what OAT refers to as "learning and discovery." Sure, I wanted to focus on the extensive ruins of the Greeks and Romans from the 8th century BCE; the city market initiated by th

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Sicily Seven

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And we're off! Leaving for Sicily in two days! It's a trip that we've been planning for a year. We're all going: Joyce, Rosie, Susan, Debbie, Donna, Cathy and Mummy! Someone will be bringing a laptop so I'm hoping to be blogging from beautiful downtown Taormina, Sicily. We are planning to visit the birthplace of Mom's mother and father, Trecastagni, too, a town not too far from smoldering Mt. Etna. Assuming we survive the next eruption, there'll be more next week.
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