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May 30

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  • hello there...could you please accept my request? we can share our blogs, pictures for business. Thanks


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  • Happy MemDay weekend, Susan! I like your new profile picture, BTW.

  • Hello Susan,

    Thank you for "friending" on Tripatini!



  • Hi Susan. Thank you for the friend request. Are you on Linkedin as well? Since I'm also going on the Zimbabwe trip I can tell you a bit. I received a notice through the International Travel Writers Alliance newsletter a month ago - I belong to the group through Linkedin. The announcement came from Zimbabwe's tourism director at the London Embassy. I had to fill out a fairly extensive form for press credentials, etc. I write primarily for Suite101.com but I am hoping print media will be interested in Zimbabwe. It's a two week tour of the country plus the pan-African tourism fair.
  • I've written for Home & Away as a freelancer for several years.
  • Hi, Susan! Got your note, and left the answer on Media Only so that others could make use of it too if they're headed that way. Have a great weekend!
  • Same here, Susan! - Steve
  • Hi Susan: Yes, my linked in profile is at: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/doreenpendgracs

    Thanks for the invitation. Will check out your site when I get caught up a bit. 373 unread e-mails to whip thru. Cheers!
  • Hello Susan,
    You might be interested in a 1-day travel writers conference in Tacoma on June 26, 2010. www.travelandwords.com.
    Allen Cox
  • Hi Susan,

    Thank yo for the clarification re the Narciso wine.
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