November 13

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  • We are planning to use OSM for future releases, we are on it!

    I understand your issue with Google Map and I agree that in particular cases offline maps are the only way. I spent one month in Thailand few years ago and the first thing I did was buying a SIM card. Anyway I had no connection in several places!

    Thank you for the feedback, maybe in few months we will release OSM maps and you may think about a collaboration.

  • Hi Michael, I think you did not see my answer about map2app and about our royalties:

    We take 50% AFTER Apple and Google royalties

    They keep 30% of each app sold, the remaining 70% is split between the author and us. 

    We also take (and give) 35%. See our FAQs for more.

    Watch this video (5min) where I show, in pretty bad english, how the platform works and what it can do and you will see how specific for travel apps map2app is compared to other platforms:


    I would be glad if you gave a try to map2app. I will be waiting for your feedback, you seem to have quite a bit of experience in using these kind of platforms!

  • Greetings, Michael, and a hearty welcome to Go-Lo! It's wonderful to have you with us -- and we think you'll find our site productive as well as interesting and enjoyable.

    To get the most out of Go-Lo, you may want to also take a few minutes to join several other of our many groups which you might find of particular interest, such as Media Only, Philippines, Diving/Snorkeling, Adventure Travel, Eco/Sustainable Tourism, and various others covering many topics and most other destinations throughout Asia, the Pacific, and the rest of the world.

    FYI, on your profile you'll see a blue bar marked "Text Box," which you can turn into a box containing not just text but also photos and even videos about yourself, your interests, and your web sites (go ahead and feel free to name all of them!).

    Finally, if you would, please be so kind as to spread the word among your English-speaking, travel-interested friends, family, colleagues, and clients. It's fast and easy to use our "INVITE" function above left on the navigation bar to enter e-mails (even your whole list at once!). If you'd consider exchanging links and covering Go-Lo on your web sites, we'd be grateful. You might also want to consider writing on Thailand and Southeast Asia for our blog.

    We wish you the best of luck over the rest of 2009 and beyond, both personally and professionally, and look forward to hearing much more from you...
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