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Walking Tour of Hue Citadel, Vietnam.


I was in Vietnam last November - was lucky to catch Hanoi's weather at its best, and was even luckier to find Central Vietnam at its sunniest (a fluke, I'm assured by people who know the place). The sunburn I got from tramping all over Hue was worth it.

Here's a walking tour of the Hue Citadel that I wrote up, might give you an idea as to what I saw.
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Visit Vietnam to get an experience of a lifetime and discover country's varied climate and landscape range of four seasons from the tear-round tropical temperatures in the lush South to the mountainous North. Along with the beauty of Vietnam you will also find yourself mesmerised with the hospitality of friendly locals and variety of delicious cuisine. 
If you choose to opt for a tour to Vietnam with Indochina Orbit Travel, you will also get facilities as per your budget and levels of comfort suc

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Tet – The biggest festival for Vietnamese. It’s time for union, celebration and having fun. Tet also changes the people conversation, people often ask each other like ‘How are you preparing for Tet?’, ‘How big is your Tet?’ or ‘How many square cake will you make?’ or ‘How much do your children give to you?’. Those all express the excitement of Tet, the importance of Tet in Vietnam.   

Tet is officially held on 3 days from the 1st to the 3rdday of the lunar year. Based on regional customs, Tet can

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Vietnamese Are Not Ugly

Beauty is said to be ‘in the eye of the beholder”.  Someone from the West may think Julia Roberts is charming.  She certainly may be, but some of the older generation in Vietnam may think differently.

I have a friend who broke up with his girl just because of a comment from his Mum about his girl’s high cheekbones.  The Vietnamese think that a girl like that will bring bad luck to her husband – and may even bring death to him!  The round face shape represents prosperity and wealth to Vietnamese.

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A Lovely Day Trip from Hanoi: Ninh Binh Province


Santiago Llobet



If you're visiting Vietnam's capital, be sure to set aside time for a couple of day trips out of the city. And one you shouldn't miss is one to Ninh Binh province, about an hour by train, bus, or car (if you don't want to travel independently, tour operators run packaged day trips). In contrast with bustling Hanoi, Ninh Binh in the Red River Delta is famous for its peaceful tranquility and scenery, especially the sheer limestone karst hills rising around the river - a UNESCO

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10 Beach-Holiday Destinations with the 'X Factor'



That mid-winter beach holiday is important for many people. In the midst of grey clouds, cold temperatures and the daily grind, an escape to warm sun and fun sounds very appealing. So, book yourself in for a mid-winter break at one of these amazing destinations that offer more than just a beach.


An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

This stretch of beach (top) is endangered, as it is being progressively eaten away by the sea. However, it has small villas dotted along the beach with umbrellas and

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