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No matter how you figure it, it is a long flight from the East Coast of the United States to Hong Kong, the major gateway to Asia.  How long?  About 16 hours, longer if there are delays but most flights are non-stop to Hong Kong.  From Hong Kong there are flights to all the major Asian cities. So if you are set for a long flight and can’t afford Business First fly Continental.  Of the Ameri

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Battle of the Brands: Leveraging Location Based Marketing

Last week I was invited by the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) to attend a webinar called Leveraging Location Based Marketing.

HSMAI is combination think tank, marketing organization and university with a strong travel industry and on-line presence.

The presenters were Brian Fitzgerald of TIG Global and Loren Gray, Director of eCommerce at Ocean Properties

While location based marketing or “pro
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