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by Andy Jarosz

Double agents, high drama, betrayal and plenty of high-tech gadgetry. The Good Shepherd, directed by Robert De Niro and released in 2006, had all the magic ingredients of a classic spy film. With Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie providing the obligatory glamor it was no surprise that the movie became a box-office success. What is perhaps less obvious, even to those who may have watched The Good Shepherd on more than one occasion, is that many of the scenes were shot in the Dominic

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by Andy Jarosz

When it was released in 2001, few suspected that the Mexican movie Y Tu Mamá También would become such a worldwide hit. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the story is simple enough: two bored teenagers (played by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal) try to impress an attractive twentysomething at a wedding (Maribel Verdú) with tales of a fabled beach. Although she isn’t interested in keeping them company at first, when she later learns of her husband’s wayward behavior she accepts the b

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I watched “Eat, Pray, Love” for the second time last night (okay, third - plus I read the book). Here are the effects it had upon me:

  • It made me hungry for Italian food - most especially pizza in Naples
  • It made me hungry for Italian men but then I got tired and that desire dissipated
  • It made me re-examine my life (for 1hr 25 min.)
  • The above noted “It made me” gave me a headache and so that dissipated as well
  • It made me want to date James Franco
  • It made me want to cycle in Bali but not get hit by a hot
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by Andy Jarosz

The "Godfather" trilogy comprises without a doubt three of the most celebrated movies of all time. Almost 40 years after the release of the first Godfather movie, the plots, the characters and the memorable lines are well known to a huge fan base, many of whom were born even after Francis Ford Coppola directed the final movie.

Havana Hotel Scene

While the characters in the Godfather trilogy may have been able to ‘arrange’ pretty much anything, the movie production team did not en

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by Andy Jarosz

An out-of-favor American football player turns up in Cozumel in search of a girl. They fall in love amid danger, dirty deals and murder. Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward add the necessary sparkle while a soundtrack featuring the well-known Phil Collins title song ensures worldwide success. 

9008697679?profile=originalBut it may be the spectacular locations on the Yucatan peninsula chosen for 1984's “Against All Odds” that really steal the show. Chichen Itza, recently listed as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Wor

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by Andy Jarosz

Two men meet in Coppelia, the famous Havana ice-cream parlor. One straight and one gay, the plot follows them as their friendship deepens and things get a little complicado. This is 1970s Cuba, after all, where nothing is as, um, “straight”-forward as it seems.

Strawberry and Chocolate

Those who have seen the movie Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate) will no doubt recognize the scene. This Cuban classic set at a time when intolerance of homosexuality in Cuba was still

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by Susana Alosete

When you think about films associated with Morocco, your mind can’t help but shift to black and white, as the faces ofIngrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart appear along with the soundtrack of “Casablanca.” However, this mythical movie was shot entirely in California, though it has left us with the memory of a romantic but dangerous Morocco.

Many movies have been filmed in this African nation, which prides itself on its own version of Hollywood or, as we Spaniards would say, its

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Seeing how traveling technology has evolved ih the past years makes me think, how today's technology would have impacted journeys like the Che Guevara's? This is particularly interesting to me because of the changes that one of the most important journeys of Ernesto (Che) Guevara produced, and continues producing, in society. In 1952 Ernesto Guevara and his friend Alberto Granados took a nine month journey (this I can write today since we have Wikipedia back to check my facts ;)) with the object

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Hanna, directed by the BAFTA Award winner, Joe Wright and staring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett, is to hold its Finnish premier in Kuusamo, where some of the scenes were shot.

hanna in Kuusamo

Hanna is the story of a teenage girl raised in the Finnish wilderness and trained to become an assassin. The film makes striking use of its locations, with script rewrites organised around the places they found. It was shot in Kuusamo, Bavaria, Germany and Monaco.


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Have you ever watched a movie and remembered more about the film’s location than the actual plot? Us too. Film has long inspired viewers that’s why we’ve listed some movies that might be worth a watch before you go. So yes if you are looking for some “wow, I want to go there”-inspiration, here’s a list for you.
10 Holiday Movies To Watch Before You Go

1. Amelie, in Paris

If you’re planning a city break to Paris then this quirky French film is well worth a watch. Amelie, an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice,

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Undertow-English-Poster.jpg?width=250For your next tropical beach vacation, would you consider a couple of days in a bleak little town of cinderblock homes and corrugated tin roofs on the stark, dusty coast of northern Peru?

I didn’t think so.

How about a couple of hours? I just did, courtesy of the new Coral Gables Art Cinema, a recently opened non-profit movie house in tony Coral Gables, Florida, about as far away from the fishing village of Cabo Blanco as you can get. While vicarious sightseeing is usually one of the main reasons

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(After the book Paris Movie Walks came out last year, I've discovered several more sites that I want to share with my readers. Inception is one of them. For others, feel free to read them in my official site.)

Just before Inception came out, when anything everybody had ever seen from it were a few clips and a print synopsis, it was hailed, even by journalists from serious newspapers as a masterpiece, a thinking man’s adventure entertainment, half reflection on the nature of human consciousness, h

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11018480481?profile=RESIZE_930xVidu Gunaratna

by Marita Acosta

Some time ago I happened to run across that toothy old classic Jaws online, and as I watched, the impossibly picturesque maritime settings and endless beaches awakened in me a nostalgia for the light, colours, sounds, and tastes of summertime holidays. It was then I discovered that the film's fictional Amity Island is actually ritzy Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, a 45-minute to hourlong ferry ride from Cape Cod.

Come summer, one of the USA's most exclusive (and

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