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I watched “Eat, Pray, Love” for the second time last night (okay, third - plus I read the book). Here are the effects it had upon me:

  • It made me hungry for Italian food - most especially pizza in Naples
  • It made me hungry for Italian men but then I got tired and that desire dissipated
  • It made me re-examine my life (for 1hr 25 min.)
  • The above noted “It made me” gave me a headache and so that dissipated as well
  • It made me want to date James Franco
  • It made me want to cycle in Bali but not get hit by a hot
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by Susana Alosete

When you think about films associated with Morocco, your mind can’t help but shift to black and white, as the faces ofIngrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart appear along with the soundtrack of “Casablanca.” However, this mythical movie was shot entirely in California, though it has left us with the memory of a romantic but dangerous Morocco.

Many movies have been filmed in this African nation, which prides itself on its own version of Hollywood or, as we Spaniards would say, its

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"The Tourist" Movie

Travel agents and industry media might want to watch for the Dec. 10 wide release of "The Tourist," the movie starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Romance-mystery, filmed in Paris and mostly Venice. Depp goes to Italy on vacation, falls for Jolie who has an ex-boyfiend with a criminal past, and the couple gets predictably pursued by the bad guys. But plot twists are promised and it sounds like the star power, the filming locations and the movie title could give this a lot of holiday season b

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