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Mystical Bhutan's Top 5 Monasteries

Bhutan, A Mesmerizing Country with Many Sacred Sights

Are you looking for a destination to get rid of the daily hustle and bustle? If so, a pilgrimage tour to Bhutan can be an excellent way to explore its religious sites. In fact, here life for most revolves around ancient Buddhist religious rituals. Bhutan has hundreds of holy monasteries, sacred monuments and religious sites.

Near the capital city, Thimpu, are plenty of well known, peaceful, and all around stunning dzongs and monasteries. The

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According to a local myth in Majorca, that sun-drenched Mediterranean island off the northeast coast of Spain, when God decided to create the world, He first made a scale model. He liked it so much, that He used the model (which lacked only one detail: rivers) in His final work, and today this model is none other than the island of Majorca.

And this, the largest of the Balearic islands, is indeed divine in many ways: Its Mediterranean climate, for one, so healthful and invigorating that composer 

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6. Lost Ark of the Covenant: You must have seen the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. It must have your sensations arisen.Graham Hancock, Philip Marsden and Richard Pankhurst are few of the prominent writers and travellers of our times. Their researches and extensive journeys enabled them to explore to where that ‘most important object in the world’ – The Ark, has been disappeared.Some people say it is just a l

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1. The People: The people of this old realm are a mixture of above 80 ethnic groups speaking above 70 different languages; they don’t seem so though, for they understand each other in almost every aspect of their lives.  To appreciate what diversity and living in peace with all the difference anyone might have, Ethiopia is the best choice. Having three thousand years of experience the people of this land has come to be unusually very kind for strangers and travellers. Once you are in their land

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Monasteries in Ladakh

Amidst soaring mountains, lie age-old monasteries (Gompas) in the arid region of Ladakh reflecting ageless believes of Buddhism. These beautiful monasteries dotted all across this spectacular region registers visit by numerous devotees who come here with only purpose of getting their soul cleansed. It epitomizes faith of Ladakhi people who despite of its inhospitable circumstances are leading a cheerful life and do not miss even a single occasion to celebrate the beautiful gift of god – life.


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That Friday, when the Lord was on the Cross, an angel named Ourael took the blood of Christ in a glittering cup and sprinkled it all over the Earth. All grounds that received a drop of the holy blood were chosen to be sanctified and blessed places to establish churches on them and made them their holy seats. So Ethiopian Orthodox Church history recounts.

The following writings are to give histories and descriptions about the churches and monasteries scattered all over Ethiopia. Read those words

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