Mystical Bhutan's Top 5 Monasteries

Bhutan, A Mesmerizing Country with Many Sacred Sights

Are you looking for a destination to get rid of the daily hustle and bustle? If so, a pilgrimage tour to Bhutan can be an excellent way to explore its religious sites. In fact, here life for most revolves around ancient Buddhist religious rituals. Bhutan has hundreds of holy monasteries, sacred monuments and religious sites.

Near the capital city, Thimpu, are plenty of well known, peaceful, and all around stunning dzongs and monasteries. They were built in remote areas atop rocky crags or up in isolated hills, because of course monks sought peace and solitude for their meditation and worship. Following are the top five stars of the genre:

Punakha Dzong

Located on a majestic island between the rivers of Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu, Punakha Dzong is one of the most incredible as well as photogenic dzongs throughout Bhutan. A dzong is a perfect blend of a monastery and a fortress, and they are located in every district of Bhutan.


Taktsang Dzong

At the edge of a 3,000-foot cliff, the Taktsang Dzong (Tiger’s Nest) has incredible sights and views. You'll have to work for it a bit, though, as it takes two to three hours of uphill hiking from the parking area to the monastery. Ot’s believed that a tragic fire was destroyed the monastery's original buildings, but they have been carefully restored to their former glory.


Image Credit: Liêm Phó Nhòm

Tango Monastery

Less than ten miles to the north of Thimpu, you will reach at the Tango Monastery. Tango monastery was built in the 13th century over a cave where meditations and miracles were said to take place.



Image Credit: Abeer Hoque


Trongsa Monastery

Said to be the "door to heaven," Trongsa Monastery is located at the center of Bhutan and offers remarkably beautiful views. Built in 1648, it's also one of the country's largest monasteries, and is especially popular with overseas visitors. 



Image:  Aaron Geddes

Cheri Monastery

Cheri Monastery (aka Chagri) was built in 1620 by the founder of the Bhutanese state, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. It, too, is about ten miles from the capital, but then it's an hourlong hike uphill to reach the monastery itself. 


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