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  The histories of every land of the world begin with legends. But, how many of them, do you think, have been able to reserve them in massive books and keep them inside museums? Ethiopia is one among the few to keep what some call legend (as Ethiopians believe that it is no legend but history) in great books reserved inside the National Museum at the very center of the capital city. Why don’t you come and figure out how legend and history have come to be friends and foes at the same time? To hel

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That Friday, when the Lord was on the Cross, an angel named Ourael took the blood of Christ in a glittering cup and sprinkled it all over the Earth. All grounds that received a drop of the holy blood were chosen to be sanctified and blessed places to establish churches on them and made them their holy seats. So Ethiopian Orthodox Church history recounts.

The following writings are to give histories and descriptions about the churches and monasteries scattered all over Ethiopia. Read those words

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