5 More Top Reasons to Visit Ethiopia

Continued from 5 Top Reasons to Visit Ethiopia:

6. Lost Ark of the Covenant: You must have seen the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. It must have your sensations arisen.Graham Hancock, Philip Marsden and Richard Pankhurst are few of the prominent writers and travellers of our times. Their researches and extensive journeys enabled them to explore to where that ‘most important object in the world’ – The Ark, has been disappeared.Some people say it is just a legend, the people of Ethiopia, instead, believe that the Ark is not lost; it is among them, hidden in one of the Tana islands. As a proof, every Orthodox Church of Ethiopia has its own Tabot – a similar object to the original one. How could it be? Well, why don’t you come and see and listen to the whole story yourself?


7. The Animals:  You, probably, have been residing in one of the most beautiful and modern cities of the world. Now, it is time for you to have a little change for a little while. Where should you be travelling then? Ethiopia. Those first animals of the Paradise, named by Adam himself are still alive, though only here. You will have the blessing to watch gelada baboon, Walia Ibex and Simien Jackal - unique creatures to Ethiopia dancing only in the Ras Dashen Mountainous areas.

8. The Air– These days it is obvious that we are breathing in to our lungsnot just what is necessary for our body but a mixture of poisoning chemicals coming out of massive factories. The streets of the world’s cities are becoming very crowded of vehicles and people rushing to work all over the day and again rushing to home for rest. You must have already felt that you will need to be out of this system for a little while and breath ‘the true Oxygen.’ The highlands of Ethiopia are waiting for you so that you may breathe from the fresh air that is moving over mountains and lakes. You would simply stop those chemicals entering your lung and breathe what is natural which obviously would make you live longer.


9. The Air Way: Did you feel that you have missed something great in your life? Don’t worry; the plane is waiting for you just outside your door. Ethiopian airlines is not only the best air way in Africa but also competitive in the world. Wherever you are it just does not matter for there is no place in the globe that the Ethiopian Airlines don’t make flight to and from. All you need to do is just packing your things. The rest is our job.


10. The Museums:The National Museum of Ethiopia, the Sidist Kilo Museum inside the Addis Ababa University, (it had been the palace of Emperor Haile Selassie) the holy trinity museum, the palace of Emperor Menelik in his days of his kingship on the Entoto Mountain, these and many others have reserved the country’s valuable artefacts.

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