Security concerns have been increasing around the world during the past decades, not only related to major terrorism in the skies (such as 9/11) or on land (such as the Mumbai Attack), but also related to personal safety concerns arising from a growing number of pickpocket and mugging incidents in tourist destinations everywhere. At the same time, the number as well as the value of items carried by many experienced travelers has continued to increase. Wearing a suitable travel vest and hidden cargo pants is an excellent way for travelers to help address those issues.

Security checks are becoming a more and more frequent part of any international trip. At several airports on our recent trip to India and Nepal, we had to go through three different security checks, most of which included scanning: security check to enter the terminal, security check to enter the passenger area, security check at the door of the plane. The major hotels we were staying at also had security checks, including scanning, at the front door. And the major monuments we were visiting also had their own security checks at the entrance, many of which included scanning. In short, we underwent security checks several times a day.

Now consider this: I am carrying on me all of the following metallic checkpoint-allergic objects: a US smartphone, an Indian smartphone, a Nepal smartphone, a mobile hotspot, an IPad, a high capacity battery charger, a long zoom wi-fi digital camera, a spare camera battery, a spare memory card, earphones, different cords associated with all this equipment, a set of keys and two pens. The challenge of keeping all of these objects organized, inter-connected and easily accessible, a daunting task in itself, is extremely easy with a suitable travel vest, such as the 24-pocket Scottevest travel vest for men or the 17-pocket Scottevest travel vest for women, and that fact alone should be reason enough to use the travel vest. But keeping all of those metallic objects inside a travel vest which you can simply remove at each checkpoint and place in the bin for scanning is an even more invaluable hassle and time saver.

An additional benefit of storing all of these items inside the zippered compartments of a travel vest is that it helps protect against an increasing problem at airport security checkpoints: the theft of valuable items off the scanner belt. Having to watch one travel vest going thru the scanner is a lot simpler and safer than trying to keep track of several individual loose items.

As a complement to the travel vest, hidden cargo pants fulfill an important role. While all metallic objects are carried by the easily removable travel vest, the credit cards, money and passports find refuge in the deep hidden pockets of the hidden cargo pants. Hotel rooms and hotel safes are not a reliable haven for those items anymore, and they should be with you at all times, although not in an easily removable vest. A good pair of hidden cargo pants, such as the 8-pocket Scottevest Hidden Cargo Pants, has deep hidden pockets in which to bury your passport, your money and your credit cards, beyond the reach of any pickpocket. Since these items are not metallic, the security checkpoints will almost always ignore them. Hidden cargo pants have the further benefit of not looking like cargo pants but like a regular pair of slacks, so they are suitable for almost all occasions!

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