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5 Tips to Avoid Dubai's Infamous Traffic Jams

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Daily traffic jams here in Dubai are a significant hindrance. After all, they take a lot of time and can be spent in a more pleasant and meaningful way. With Rental Cars UAE, we know you do not want to wait. So the only caretaker is your car rental - and it's up to you to get to the airport! You jump straight. Then, avoid traffic jams. And here are five tips to achieve this:

1. Avoid Rush Hour

The morning rush hour in the Dubai starts at 07:00 and lasts until 9:00 in the morning.

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England's 'Route 66': the A66 in Cumbria


We often hear about the fabled Route 66 in the United States; the latest offering I’ve seen is the excellent TV series describing comedian Billy Connolly’s ride along it. In England, we also have our ‘Route 66’ … nothing like as long, but maybe one day, someone will make a TV programme about it?

The A66 road over the Pennines is one of England’s main transport routes. Originally running from Scotch Corner, on the main London-Edinburgh road to Penrith, in Cumbria, it’s now been extended to the

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A truly crazy drive has to have a hint of danger, and it has to be beautiful: not just thrilling, but scarily scenic. Here’s a collection of worldwide drives that are guaranteed to make your heart go vroom-vroom.

Crazy Drives: Stelvio Pass, Italy

Vehicles negotiate curves on the upper eastern side of Stelvio Pass, Italy (© Bryan Pickering; Eye Ubiquitous/Corbis)

Residents of the Alps have spent centuries perfecting the art of living life on steep slopes. One of the most spectacularly serpentine of the switchback-filled roads that ascend and descend these mountains is Italy’s Stelvio Pass, which has 60 hairpin tu
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The USA's 10 Worst States For Roads

Every spring after all the snow melts, cities, towns and states make plans to remedy the devastation snowplows and chained tires generate on their roads. As road-repair budgets are weighed by cash strapped states, we decided take a closer look at data compiled by others and determine who had the worst roads in the country.

Four metrics were analyzed to do this.  Each state was ranked on each indicator and the results pooled to generate a cumulative ranking for all 50 states. Washington, D.C. was

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