5 Tips to Avoid Dubai's Infamous Traffic Jams

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Daily traffic jams here in Dubai are a significant hindrance. After all, they take a lot of time and can be spent in a more pleasant and meaningful way. With Rental Cars UAE, we know you do not want to wait. So the only caretaker is your car rental - and it's up to you to get to the airport! You jump straight. Then, avoid traffic jams. And here are five tips to achieve this:

1. Avoid Rush Hour

The morning rush hour in the Dubai starts at 07:00 and lasts until 9:00 in the morning. The evening peak goes from five in the evening to half-past six. Since these peaks are so predictable, they are also easy to avoid. You will have all the way to yourself if you make your appointments outside of rush hours and avoid the crowds. Very easy!

Avoid Highways

As we know Dubai roads always rushed due to international trade, mostly on highway people face the traffic jam. If there are no traffic jams, then highway is the fastest way to get around. But if your navigation system tells you, there is a jam in the front. A small detour can be an option to save time. Sometimes, even later, it helps to reverse some of the jam. And you will see more of Dubai while you are there!

Think of Better Meeting Points

There are many parts of Dubai where there is almost no traffic jam. Al Mamzar, Satwa, Shaikh Zayed Road, a large part of Palm Jumeirah. So, if you are planning an important meeting, you can also try to find a meeting point in a no-traffic area. This way you can avoid the traffic.

Limit Your Face-to-Face Appointments

A dentist can not fill the cavities of the house and a sidewalk also works on site. With the Internet and the invention of teleconferencing, most of us can make fewer appointments in person. To intelligently use modern communication options, you can only take a good cup of coffee when the most serious traffic jams are over. And still, all your work is done. Now it's a win-win.

Please Use the Highway

So, it's very convenient. If you drive on the road, do you notice a green arrow on the chart above the shoulder of the road? If so, use the emergency lanes as an explicit task and allow yourself to switch to the continuous line. The same rules apply to these express roads, as opposed to other highways. Is there a red "X" over the job? Then return to the normal lanes of the highway. By using all the works, we help to avoid traffic jams.

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