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It's Maple Sugar Time!

If you've never been to Vermont, this is THE time to go.

The maple sap starts running as soon as the days are warm and the nights are still below freezing.  It's a wondrous experience as you smell the wood smoke spilling from the sugar houses. 

There's a short tour of the sugarbush, a stand of maples where the farm collects its sap.  The sap is collected in buckets. The sap is brought back to the sugarhouse where it is boiled down in large wood-fired evaporator.


The real treat comes when you can po

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I was prepared to be impressed. The innkeeper, E. Scot Fuller, is a chef, so the breakfast part I was quite sure would be outstanding. The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast, located at 140 Chadwick Street in Portland, has it all, and I sensed it the moment I walked into the lovely foyer. To my immediate right was the guest dining room, done in cheery shades of blues and yellow and to my left was a large guest living room, complete with fireplace, plenty of books, movies, DVD's, games and puzzles. The foy

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