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The Amazing Hilton Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv - Hilton Pool LOBBY

by Myrna Katz Frommer and Harvey Frommer

It seems like this hotel has always been there. And in many ways this is a statement closer to the truth than one might imagine. Construction work was launched on September 13, 1962, just a few years after the founding of Israel itself. Three years later, Israel's biggest and most modern hotel was open for business

There are those who say the Hilton Tel Aviv is still the finest hotel in the city. It is definitely one of the largest in all of Israel. Crea

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Mad Guests and UFOs: Why Hampton Hotels Are Number 1

Did you hear the story of the Hampton Hotels guest who took advantage of the chain’s 100%, no-questions asked refund policy?

She complained the UFO’s outside her window kept her awake all night.

She got her money back.

Or, as USA Today reported, how about the guest who asked for a refund because the cows mooing outside his window disturbed his sleep?

No wonder  Hampton Hotels has just been rated  Number 1 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 
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