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In Uganda, the Intimate Gorilla


Uganda is host to slightly more than half the world’s remaining population of mountain gorillas. With a wild population of just 880, mountain gorillas are one of the most critically endangered species on earth, according to Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, founder and CEO of CTPH (Premier Safaris Intimate gorilla experience partner). 

Inspired by the emerging field of “conservation medicine”, Kalema-Zikusoka launched CTPH in 2003. Today the initiative reaches some 40,000 people, teaching them how to pre

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Since the 1th of September 2009 Aisha Primate Safaris was taken over by Access Rwanda Safaris.already for some time ARS was looking for a good partner to improve quality of their service even further.The most suited company in our eyes was Aisha Primate Safaris.Ars will be in the lead after the two companies have joined their forces.For the time being the web site will stay under the name Aisha Primate Safaris. The main reason for this is not to loose the customer base, who used to travel with A
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Gorillas in Your Midst in Rwanda


There is a saying in Rwanda, "God roams the world but comes to rest in Rwanda."

And so do 700+  mountain gorillas (over half of the surviving species in the world) who call Volcanoes National Park their home. This is a stunning area surrounded to the southwest by the Nyungwe Forest (the largest montane rainforest in the area) where Colobus Monkeys and 250 species of birds thrive, to the east by the magnificent Akagera National Park, and to the west by the picturesque islands of Lake Kivu.


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