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The latest buzz word eco has unfortunately triggered travel suppliers to saturate the market with hundreds of loosely understood eco holiday-labeled travel products, causing consumer confusion as to what the term ecotourism truly represents. 

Good intentions aside, while travelers want to make responsible vacation purchasing decisions based on ethical environmental standards for sustainability and conservation rather than marketing tactics, some common pitfalls befall most, including:

  1. Not understa
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The Pacuare river is one of the most important rivers in Costa Rica, with approximately 108 km long, it is originated in “Cordillera de Talamanca”. Surrounded by a rainforest that housed a variety of exotic animals such as jaguars, monkeys and a very large number of birds.

This river is divided in different sections, each one of them with their own characteristics, the first one is “The upper upper”, with 16 miles long, containing class II and III rapids. This section can be rafted and kayaked. T

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Journey Into the Wild in Rajasthan, India

The peacock crowed, chitals (the spotted deer) sprinted, the sambhar (the horned antler) gave a call, the langurs (Black faced monkeys) leaped and screeched.

The engine power cut, with perceptible palpitation, and with excited anticipation, eight pairs of eyes searched and scanned for the object of all the noise and commotion, and the main purpose for this trip - Presence of a tiger on the prowl !!!

Welcome to Ranthambore National Park. we waited reversed the gypsy jeep and headed to where the r
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Nature Close At Hand in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

By Roy Heale

Named in 1865 by the original settlers in honor of a Welsh Baron, the Atlantic coastal town and seaside resort of Puerto Madryn is renowned as the whale watching capital of Argentina. It is also the gateway to the Peninsula Valdes World Natural Heritage sanctuary since 1999 and a major wildlife conservation area. The region encompasses approximately 50 kilometers of beaches and most ocean bays are overlooked by dramatic white limestone cliffs which accentuate the blue Atlantic waters

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Turtle Release in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Adventures has released their latest new tour called “Sunset Turtle Release”. They are working very closely with Asupmatoma to offer their mutual guests the opportunity to explore “Rancho San Cristobal” located on the pacific ocean side of the bay. This special tour will educate participants about the turtles that visit local beaches and allow them to take part in releasing the turtles into the sea. For every space purchased, a percentage is donated towards the protection and care of the tu

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Located in 
Costa Rica’s Central Highlands
 in the Tilarán mountain range, the lofty, cloud-wreathed mountaintop of 
Monteverdeis one of Costa Rica’s main tourism destinations.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Cloud forest
comprises only 1% of the planet’s global woodlands. Monteverde’s rare ecosystem is internationally famous as one of the
most extensive
 cloud forests in 
Central America
 and a “jewel in the crown” of world cloud forests. At 1,800m (5,900 ft.) elevation, this natural sanctuary is blessed with an “eternal spr

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Smart Travel and Safaris Africa, a specialist licensed Tour Operator based in Moshi - Tanzania. Plans and offers Tanzania vacation holidays,wildlife safaris and kilimanjaro climbing trips.

Well prepared kilimanjaro climbing expeditions in Moshi Tanzani
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Gorillas in Your Midst in Rwanda


There is a saying in Rwanda, "God roams the world but comes to rest in Rwanda."

And so do 700+  mountain gorillas (over half of the surviving species in the world) who call Volcanoes National Park their home. This is a stunning area surrounded to the southwest by the Nyungwe Forest (the largest montane rainforest in the area) where Colobus Monkeys and 250 species of birds thrive, to the east by the magnificent Akagera National Park, and to the west by the picturesque islands of Lake Kivu.


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