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Dominican Baseball Hits a 'Jonrón'

 9008631454?profile=originalIf you're a baseball fan, you well know how much "America's pastime" owes these days to  the Dominican Republic – starting with greats like Pedro Martínez, Matty Alou, David Ortiz, Juan Marichal, Manny Ramírez, and of course the great Sammy Sosa (right).  

These are just a small handful of the 400 peloteros the country has sent to the U.S. major leagues, and the reason is that beisbol is as popular here as in any country in the world, with a long pedigree stretching back more than a century, int

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“Orange October” in San Francisco

October in the City by the Bay - I just can’t say enough about it. Getting a late Indian summer means warm days in October. This year the city would host the America’s Cup yacht race trials and the annual Naval “Fleet Week,” complete with the Blue Angels buzzing over San Francisco Bay, all on the same weekend. San Francisco is one of world’s favorite cities. October weekends include street fairs, music festivals, food and beer festivals, and more. The city comes to life with warm days and nights

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The boyhood home of “Hammering” Hank Aaron is in a place of honor next to the stadium that bears his name. His home is also a museum that chronicles his life and career. Aaron was held in high regard by all those who played ball with him.  At the museum’s opening there was a long list of VIP guests including Willie Mays, Bob Feller, Rickey Henderson, Bruce Sutter, Reggie Jackson and Ozzie Smith. Aaron is quoted as saying, “I have had great things happen to me, but today is the greatest day I hav

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Nick and Andrew, the newest Giants fan

As a  diehard San Francisco Giants baseball fan and native San Franciscan, if there ever is such a thing as a “sports bucket list” especially for a San Francisco native, mine was for the San Francisco Giants baseball team to win at least one World Series in my lifetime. The Giants moved to San Francisco after the 1957 baseball season. The great Willie Mays, quite possibly the greatest baseball player of all time, who roamed center field for the Giants, at wi

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11162978453?profile=RESIZE_930xDominican Republic Ministry of Tourism  



The Dominican Republic is one of those Caribbean countries that truly offers the proverbial something for almost everyone (OK, admittedly, skiers are out of luck). On this blog we’ll be covering them one by one. But to kick things off, here’s an overview:

Santo Domingo History & Culture

The DR’s capital (top) is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the Americas, founded in 1498 by Bartolomé Colón, brother of Cristóbal (better known to

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