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Recent events have altered our lives considerably, but while our freedom to roam is on hold, we can still escape online and make plans for the future. Ready to inspire your itchy feet, leading adventure travel specialist, Acacia Africa has picked out a list of safari holidays that are likely to be in demand once we start to wander again, the operator including a selection of blog posts and YouTube videos, so you can indulge in Southern and East Africa from the safety of your sofa.

Arno Delport, S

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YHA Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris is a professional and experienced tour operator for Kenya, Tanzania holidays, We seek to give you best expert advice on affordable good value Kenya Camping safaris, holiday trips, Adventure,tours price on all inclusive safari packages.

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Big Adventures With YHA-Kenya Travel, Get inspired experience a new travel perspective in adventure and book this exclusive small group budget adventure camping safaris exploring Lake Nakuru National park, Lake Naiv

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Small Group Safaris Kenya.

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Discover real life experiences and get connected by travel!

Join other travelers in Kenya,

Have a passion for traveling in a group on a tight budget? Join our special discounted group safari holiday packag

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Having read a recent article in the Associated Press about the lack of knowledge that travellers between 18 to 30 have about the World, I asked myself: is this ‘responsible’? Shouldn’t they know about the destinations they are going to visit? In my view, education before departure nurtures a sense of respect and responsibility towards a countries people and heritage and can have a substantial effect on minimising the negative effects of tourism.

There are many reasons why young people want to tr
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In a world such as ours it is essential to work together in order to achieve goals If attempted alone it is not possible. Since West Africa Discovery started we have made a big effort to develop partnerships to help develop Responsible Tourism in West African region. We are extremely grateful to our current partners in the field who have made a lot of effort already to spread the word of Sustainable Tourism in their respectful countries, and to have gathered important information which has helpe
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Press Release

Highlighting Responsible Tourism week, Travel Matters in association with West Africa Discovery are hosting an event with guest speakers Ben Keene from Tribewanted and Chris Hill from Hands Up Holidays.

Voluntourism – good, bad or ugly?

Wednesday 15 February 2012 at 7pm – 9pm

Make Travel Matter Talk @

Harrisons 15 – 19 Bedford Road, London SW12 9EX

For interest to attend, contact Travel Matters by email or tel 0208 675 7878

Responsible Tourism Week is a free, five

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As the local travel movement gathers pace (, and debates rage, we thought it was time to wade-in with the adventure sports perspective and suggest a few other good reasons why participants have plenty to gain from following a 'go local' approach.

Whatever your interests and motives for travelling, the benefits of local travel are well documented and often screamingly obvious - get to know the real people and places you are visiting, and ensure your trip provides maximu
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Last month a Nigerian Telecoms company announced that it will expand their top of the range fibre optic network to include Benin and Togo thus giving more opportunities for Internet based marketing to a wider number of businesses and individuals.Phase3 Telecom, Nigeria’s leading communications network provider plans this move to bring the total of network connected West African countries to six, enabling faster and more efficient communication for the region and linking them to the rest of the w
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