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Recent events have altered our lives considerably, but while our freedom to roam is on hold, we can still escape online and make plans for the future. Ready to inspire your itchy feet, leading adventure travel specialist, Acacia Africa has picked out a list of safari holidays that are likely to be in demand once we start to wander again, the operator including a selection of blog posts and YouTube videos, so you can indulge in Southern and East Africa from the safety of your sofa.

Arno Delport, S

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Adrenaline Tourism: Chasing the Thrill and the Markets

As we enter a new decade and step into a new age, it is becoming obvious that certain travel trends drive the emergence of new types of tourism or expand existing ones, and with them several destinations that are trying to catch up.


“Adrenaline tourism”, “thrillcation”, “extreme tourism”, “controlled edge tourism”, “danger tourism”, are just a few of the terms that incorporate the evergrowing need of the new generation of tourists that want to

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