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Barcelona's Bountiful Boqueria Market

"By their markets ye shall know them."  OK, no one actually ever said that, but on my travels I have often found it to be true. After all, what lovelier way to learn the nuances of a foreign culture than rubbing shoulders with the locals, tasting the flavors of their land? Well yes, there is literature and art and music, but we certainly can't appreciate those on an empty stomach; and so, before heading to the Prado or the pyramids or a voodoo ceremony, you may just find me visiting the local

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Kill the Travel Press Release-Tweet it Instead

So I was sitting at a media lunch when I overheard someone from a Canadian tourism office say to her companion that they were thinking of no longer sending travel media releases out. They were going to tweet them instead.

I was taken aback because just an hour previously, I wrote  this article and thought somehow she was the  angel of affirmation.

But she’s right on.

I receive on average 35 travel press releases a day,  in one form or another.

And that’s

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