This is a region that includes some of the richest and poorest places in the world, as well as some of its most extraordinary sights (dating back to some of the most ancient times in all of history), cultures, ecotourism, beaches, and more. 

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The Arabic Shawarma

The Arab world is famous for its many delicious dishes, and the best of these delicious and fast meals at the same time is the Arabic shawarma. In addition, it is characterized by an unparalleled taste and many benefits. And also the Arabs are famous for it, especially in Syria, as it is the origin of this delicious food. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Arabic Shawarma.What is The Arabic Shawarma?Arabic Shawarma is one of the best types of meals in…

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Egypt's top 8 absolute musts

    One of the world's earliest great civilizations - from around 3150 to 332 BCE - ancient Egypt still fascinates, and is primarily the reason why more than 13 million visitors travel here each year. Here we've put together a list of the country's top attractions not to miss, whether you come independently or on a vacation package. Your life will never be the same! read post  

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Why Jordanian city As-Salt, the Mideast's newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a different kind of World Heritage Site

Ahmad QuaisiehThis ancient, relatively small city northwest of Jordan's capital Amman, where minarets and church towers share the skyline, was added by UNESCO in 2021, Interestingly, it was not so much for those mosques and churches per se, nor its unique architectural style, Ottoman mansions, Roman tombs, Ayyubid citadel, and Islamic shrines, but rather as a "place of tolerance and urban hospitality" - qualities more sorely needed in today's world than ever before. BBC Travel published an…

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Kumzar, Oman's spectacular 'Norway of Arabia'

  Hidden among the wild fjords of northern Oman, between the mountains and the sea in a quiet bay, sits the small village of Kumzar. This is the country's northernmost frontier, but Kumzar has a distinct atmosphere from the rest of Oman. In fact, its glorious isolation – the village is accessible only by an hour-long speedboat ride or a 2.5-hour trip on a sailing dhow from the nearest city, Khasab – has led Kumzar to develop a language and culture all of its post  

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  • Socotra Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its unique fauna and flora - especially the endemic, dramatic dragon's blood tree - and actually a bit closer to Somalia than Yemen. It had managed to stay largely insulated from Yemen's brutal civil war but has just been seized by the Southern Transitional Council, separatists who want to restore the independence of South Yemen. I guess for the time this pretty much drives the last nail into the coffin of tourism hereabouts, sadly. And just yesterday the Boston Globe ran a piece about Socotra which took note of two even more profound threats to the island's ecosystem: development by the United Arab Emirates and global warming:
    Otherworldly beauty in the balance in the Galapagos of the Middle East
    An archipelago in Yemen is home to stunning biodiversity. Civil war, geopolitical wrangling, and climate change threaten all of it.
  • On another front re Qatar World Cup, here's an eye-opening piece from the BBC summarizing the main controversies surrounding it, including abuse of foreign workers, oppression of gays/lesbians, corruption, and more:
    World Cup 2022: How has Qatar treated stadium workers?
    Qatar has used thousands of foreign workers to build its World Cup facilities. Many may have died.
  • With the football World Cup now on the horizon (21 November-18 December), this past March U.S. travel maven Christopher Elliott interviewed Berthold Trenkel, the German COO of Qatar Tourism, about the new developments in the emirate that the million or so expected visitors will encounter:
    ‘World-Class’ Attractions Coming Ahead Of World Cup, Says Qatar Tourism COO
    New tourism projects, including hotels and attractions, are under construction in advance of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. An interview with Qatar Tou…
  • It's worth noting that despite its small size, Lebanon can boast five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the 8th-century ruins of Anjar in the Bekaa Valley; the magnificent ruins of Baalbek, dating back to the ancient Phoenicians (also in the Bekaa); the northern city of Byblos (also of mostly Phoenician origin); the Holy Valley and the Forest of the Cedars of God; and the southern city of Tyre (again, founded by Phoenicians). More information at
    Lebanon - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
    Lebanon - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
  • In researching widely anticipated hotel openings in 2022, turns out that according to Forbes, Kuwait City has one of them: the newest member of the luxury Waldorf Astoria chain, located in The Avenues, the largest shopping/entertainment mall, with more than 1,100 stores, an amusement park, a cineplex, and more:
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