Once a no-go due to Islamic terrorism, this North African country's full of desert eco, adventure, & history (8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites), from Algiers' casbah to the ancient kingdom of Numidia. Still best for group rather than independent travel.

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Oran and its Raï music

           In the West these days, we rarely if ever spare a thought for North Africa's largest and second-most populous country, but Algeria is an underrated gem, from the history and culture of capital city Algiers to ecotourism to ancient Roman ruins to amazing ecotourism. The world was much more aware of it during the middle decades of the 20th century, though, thanks to the works of Paul Bowles and French Nobel-prize-winning writer Albert Camus (born in Algeria), as well as its brutal war…

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3 cheers for Algiers!

Quick, what’s Africa’s largest country? If you said Congo, Libya, or South Africa, well, yes, they’re certainly up there, but the answer is Libya’s (plus Morocco’s and Tunisia’s) next-door neighbor Algeria – bigger than Alaska plus California put together, or nearly three times the size of the British Isles. It shares many allures in common with Morocco and Tunisia, but although it has been a major trading partner for Europe (especially in petrol and natural gas), touristically it has flown…

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  • Tourism to Algeria is still fairly under the radar, but apparently in the past decade the country still ranks in the top five most visited countries in Africa. And part of its allure, besides the welcoming people, is its many historic, cultural, and natural treasures - and there are no fewer than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites here, with another six on the tentative list. Learn more about them at https://whc.unesco.org/en/statesparties/dz/.
    Algeria - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
    Algeria - UNESCO World Heritage Convention
  • Hi Tripatini , I am in Spain and Algeria is very near to us but we never are thinkng go there because of perceptions of danger, I think it is very interesting place, now is it safe to travel?
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