Tourists are welcome and well treated in this ancient country with its impressive historic monuments and tasty cuisine. Plenty of raw material for an unforgettable visit.

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The beautiful and ancient city of Kashan

Kashan is an city of some 397,000 in north central Iran's Isfahan Province, some two hours south of capital Teheran, known for its rose water, silks/textiles, and rugs. Its history stretches back into ancient times, as one of the main places settled by the Aryan tribe as far back as 7,500 years ago. Over the course of its history it became one of the Middle East's most prestigious cities but also faced its share of challenges, such as destruction by the Mongols in 1256 and a devastating…

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Kashan and its rosewater festival

Kashan is an ancient city of some 433,000 in north central Iran, some two hours south of capital Teheran, and its name is tied in the minds of Iranians to its carpets, silks and other textiles - but also golab (rosewater), with its annual rosewater festival attracting multitudes every year from May 5th to June 5th, when the fragrance of rose flowers fills the air and leaves everyone drunk on its paradisiacal freshness, making the city a dream-like re-imagination of Camelot. All this is due to…

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  • Iran's news agency reports that the country is investing 470 billion rials (more than 11 million USD) into restoring an arresting UNESCO World Heritage Site in its southwest, the Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System:
  • Earlier this year, the Australian adventure travel and photography blog Nomadasaurus published a comprehensive and helpful guide to visiting Iran, focusing on practicalities such as paperwork, customs, how to deal with money, and so forth - very enlightening:
    25 Things to Know Before You Visit Iran
    Before you visit Iran make sure you check out our 25 travel tips and things to know to make sure you get the most out of this fascinating country!
  • In the mid 90"s we were granted permission to take American tourists to Iran - and our first tour was in Iran a few months later. I believe that was the first group of American tourists since the revolution (before that Iran was getting a lot of American citizens). Since then several tourists have gone to Iran and the experience of all these tours that we have handled has been a good one. People are very friendly and hospitable and the government regulations (especially the dressing codes) have also been becoming lenient. It is a safe destination and has a lot to offer. The first tour we operated was called The Persian Route - that itinerary (along with new additions done since then) still operates. For details see - - go to Iran page. If anybody has concern you may contact me.

  • ETN has a story this morning titled "Historical Times for Tourism Relations Between the U.S. and Iran. The post says, "the American & Iran Tourism Association was officially registered in Tehran [in October]. It is the first time that an organization in Iran is being allowed to have the word “American” in its title."

    Okay, but how meaningful is this, really?
  • Iran, i can say is one of the MOST safest Countries in the world Specialy for Travelers, iran's amazing attractions cateres any taste from history, archaeology, nature reserves, spa, desert as well as holy sites,
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