Why Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz is a gem

A mosque like a jewelry box and one of the great historical places to visit in Iran, this architectural masterpiece of the 19th century, apart from its vivid patterns, beautiful windows, owes its reputation to its exceptional tilework. In fact, its pseudonym, the Pink Mosque, is ironically the right name for it. Its rose-colored tiles and amazingly ornate windows make the interior more attractive. The mosque has two non-identical northern and southern porches, and the northern porch is more beautiful than the southern one, with three half arches on three sides and running from the fourth to the courtyard. It four pavilions, and the middle roof is beautified with Iranian muqarna (also known as ahoopay) work. The southern porch has two minarets and there is a rectangular stone pond with a fountain in the courtyard.

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