Can it make sense to get some procedures done abroad, in countries where quality is good but prices are a fraction of what they are at home? Not so fast -- there can be pitfalls, too. A look at the pluses and minuses.

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Why India is a leading medical tourism destination

The Financial Express With a millennia-old medicine history, this country now ranks 10th as a destination for people looking to travel for medical treatment, thanks to its combination of 21st-century health modalities, strong pharmaceutical sectior, and its traditional systems of holistic health and wellness. The India-based Financial Express take a look at the country's current situation and trends, and it's an enlightening read:…

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on our blog: medical tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a longstanding tradition of attracting holidaymakers around the world. Most of them have a craving for green, relaxing and adventure. However, people have recently discovered the undeniable fact that this country is nowadays a location where you can find proficient consultants than can provide you with high-quality medical care at a small portion of cost than other places (e.g. United States, Canada and Europe). Year after year one can see the increasing number of tourist who…

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Now on our blog: medical vs. health tourism, more

Tourism and health have taken on two new meanings. Health tourism can be broken down into two components, people who travel to a particular spot for medical reasons, such as cancer centers or for specific operations such a coronary bypass, and people who travel to a location for medicinal reasons such as rest and relaxation.  Medicinal tourism caters not to the sick but to those who seek new levels of wellness.  Examples of medicinal tourism are spa or centers that cater to non-essential…

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Death tourism?

"Expert Panel Concurs: Hawaii Physicians Can Provide Aid in Dying." Why is this reported on eTN, a website about travel? The only answer I can think of is, the prospect of death tourism. Can it succeed? Would you travel 4,000 or 10,000 miles from home so you could die faster?

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  • A very recent look at med tourism in Malaysia:
    Medical tourism alive and well
    PETALING JAYA: Medical tourists are returning to Malaysia in full force and are expected to surpass the pre-Covid-19 pandemic level in 2019 thanks to…
  • To learn more about medical tourism in Costa Rica, check out this video from QRoo Paul & Linda, a pair of Floridians who moved to my old stomping grounds, Cancún - just keep in mind that it´s sponsored by one particular medical tour operator:
  • Mamma mia - here´s a cautionary note about the dangers of dental tourism in Turkey!
    Turkey: Warning to medical tourists from patients with botched teeth
    A lack of regulation means patients are leaving Turkey with worse teeth than they arrived with - and dentists at home refuse to touch them.
  • A cautionary note re med tourism from Medscape, a WebMD-owned site aimed at medical professionals:
    Kidnapping and Treatment Risks Come With Medical Tourism
    The recent kidnapping-related deaths of two Americans who were in Mexico for healthcare have highlighted some risks of medical tourism.
  • In the wake of the kidnapping in Matamoros of four U.S. citizens - and murder of two - who had gone there so that one of them could get a tummy tuck, the media has been focusing on medical tourism in Mexico. Here's one example from the BBC:
    Mexico kidnapping: Why a million Americans a year risk Mexico medical tourism
    Some take precautions to avoid being targeted by criminals, like changing their car's licence plate.
  • In the past several years there's been a booming trend in foreigners (mostly men) coming to Turkey for hair transplant and growth treatments. I was nearly one of them, so I was interested to read this piece in the US/Mideast-based business-new site about the phenomenon:
  • Medical tourism in India is booming as never before, and the Hindustan Times just published an overview of the sector and top five destinations:
    Medical Tourism in India: Top destinations, scenarios and all you need to know
    India in recent years has emerged as a major hub for medical tourism and is now considered among the top 6 medical value travel destinations in the w…
  • For all the benefits of going abroad to save on medical procedures, there are horror stories, as well - especially when patients don't do enough research before commiting themselves. Here is one such cautionary tale about a woman who went to the Dominican Republic for liposuction and breast augmentation:
    Columbus woman warns against medical tourism after botched surgery in Dominican Republic
    For nearly a year, 28-year-old Pereal Wallace has been living in her own personal nightmare.
  • New Ozone and Oxygen centers in the Caribbean, Portugal and The UK.


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