Death tourism?

"Expert Panel Concurs: Hawaii Physicians Can Provide Aid in Dying." Why is this reported on eTN, a website about travel? The only answer I can think of is, the prospect of death tourism. Can it succeed? Would you travel 4,000 or 10,000 miles from home so you could die faster?

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  • Sad, that this is the only way

  • How is that any good for the tourism industry? given the fact that they are not going to spending any time discovering anything or taking advantage of any touristic sites that might be available. hmmm..
  • I just noticed this post on the first page of Tripatini. I have joined this group just so I could reply.

    I am an elderly woman who has fewer years left than most other members of Tripatini. I would NOT go to Hawaii to die, even if I were in pain, because I would want my children and all my grandchildren to be near me in those last weeks. Don't you agree? 

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