Up 3,730 ft. (1,137m) in the northwestern Mentón Mountains just over an hour and a half northwest of San Pedro Sula, this very lightly visited, 90-square-mle (234-sq.-kilometer) spread is also mostly cloud forest, along with some deciduous, semi-arid pine, and rare “dwarf”  forests. A number of guides and tour operators offer excursions out of SPS. Cosuco is famous for its incredible biodiversity, home to numerous armadillos as well as unique species like the Honduran emerald hummingbird, the endangered Cusuco salamander, and Baird´s tapir; there´s also a wealth of other opportunities for spotting more than 260 species of birds, including a higher-than-average chance of spotting the legendary resplendent quetzal.  Hiking offers a chance to experience unspoiled natural beauty such as the Orion, Quetzal, and Toucan waterfalls. And check out those giant – and sometimes pretty colorful – mushrooms!

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Juan Paz


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