The most attractive things in south india for the tourists are Temples in South India, the families who plan south india tour mainly focuses on the temples of south India, because they are a must place to see.
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* Southern India – Perfect Place To Spend Your Holiday
All the cool and green hideouts of Southern India with additional attraction of the enchanting backwater voyage thrown in will be at your
disposal when you tie up with South India Tourism for 12 days. The tour
will be Tamil Nadu-Kerala centric and you go home with a freshened
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* South India Travel packages Packages
Do you know the reasons why South India becomes an amazingly lovely India holidays
destination? It is because of its mixture of rich culture, geographical
majesty, fascinating forms of performing arts and great aroma of tea
and spices. Moreover, it attracts innumerable tourists who love
travelling and enjoy nature every year by being home to some of the most
charming states of India like Kerala Backwaters,
Karnataka, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra and the charming
sea beaches of these states. It is also reason why the honeymoon
couples to these states for their honeymoon tours.
* Top Places toVisit in India Tour
India is a vast country and has some of the world’s best holiday
destinations. Visit to any part of this country from north to South or
from East to West you will find amazing destinations for tours and
travels and vacations.
* Holiday in Popular Tourist Places of India
India is a tourist friendly country and the endless attractions of
India support tourism in India. People from all across the world visit
India to spend holidays in popular places. Goa Beaches
and Kerala, backwater destinations of Kerala, hill stations of Himachal
Pradesh and Kerala, forts and palaces of Rajasthan, historical
attractions of Delhi and Agra, etc

First if we talk about the Andhra Pradesh among the four states the most famous temple in India as well as in abroad is Tirupati temple. Some much donation is given in this temple every year people use to
donate gold and silver in huge amounts, people use to donate in laces.
South India tourism board has managed all these things vey properly.
Then in Kerala we have Guruvayoor Temple and Sabarimala temples the
most famous ones; we move to Tamil Nadu there we have Meenakshi temple,
Mahabalipuram, Kanyakumari, Kanchipuram Temple, Murugan temple and
Rameshwaram temple; last but not the least state ie. Karnataka there we
have Badami Cave temple and Somnathpur temple the most famous ones.
Other than temples a major place which the tourist wants to go are the hill stations.
Hill stations in South India are very popular among the tourists
because they really comprise of natural beauty to see. Anantgiri is an
amazing and beautiful hill station in Andhra Pradesh. Its natural
beauty attracts the tourists to itself. Sunrise and Sunset views are
the most beautiful on the hill station.