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The Beas Kund trek is truly one of kind treks in the Indian Himalayas. It offers mind numbing views of the  lofty peaks covered with snow, ice-walls and glaciers in that area. The trek starts from the Atal Tunnel in Manali and lies on the route to a famous 7000 meter mountain Mt.Hanuman Tibba.


We started our trek fro Rola Kholi and camped a bit ahead for the day.

I was given some soup, drank it and went to one tent and sat on the floor totally depleted and attempting to recover some vitality. Foll

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The name Pin Parvati Pass is inferred after the connecting of Parvati valley in Kullu to the Pin valley in Spiti. The best season for the pin valley journey is the period of July to September. The journey begins from the lovely Kullu valley which is known for its lavish green scenes, friendly individuals, welcoming glades, apple plantations and rich culture. From here, a requesting 5 days walk takes you actually large and in charge where you stroll on colossal snow fields to arrive at the Pin Pa

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Himalayan Splendor in India's Parvati Valley


Kasol is the quaint little hippie town situated in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh.A lot of international and national tourists flock the little hamlet all throughout the year.Kasol os the backpacking basecamp for a lot of treks and mountaineering expedetions in the Valley.So here is a guide to the hippie town nestled in Himalayas.Among other things Kheerganga is a among the top places o visitors list in the valley.Kheerganga is found somewhere down in Parvati Valley (Kullu Valley) and i

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The Journey to Kheerganga

9009464256?profile=originalKheer Ganga (3050 meters) lies at a very high altitude in the  Parvati valley and the last town where you will find people while trekking to the Pin valley through Pin-Parvati pass.All of this is a great contrast when compared to Kasol, which is the base for your Kheerganga trek. The Kheerganga trek  has all encompassing skies and tremendous greenery which is a pleasure to the trekker's eyes and particularly the worn out legs. It is a blessed spot with a Geyser spewing hot sulphur water from the

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Tourism in India

India is a wonderful country and an amazing tourist destination of the world. This country, blessed with innumerable tourist attractions, is visited by a large number of tourists from across the globe every year. India is a place where one can indulge in lots many interesting activities as well as enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh is known for its temples with erotic carvings and sculptures. Varanasi, situated on the banks of Ganga river in northern India is the perfec

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