Setting Up Low-Cost Trip to Amsterdam


It may seem to some that Amsterdam is a completely inappropriate city for a budget traveler. The cost of living in hotels seems sky-high, the price/quality ratio in restaurants and cafes is inadequate, and inexpensive entertainment is not at all. But this is only at first glance. We will share with you our life hacks and secrets of how to have a good time in Amsterdam and save your money.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Perhaps this is the main question because, without a place to sleep, everyone else becomes irrelevant. In high season, the cost of one night in a three-star hotel in the central area or close to the center starts from 150-200 euros. In more distant places, prices are slightly more reasonable. But we recommend not limited to Amsterdam. The Netherlands is a miniature country, and within 15-30 minutes by train or bus from the Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal), there are a huge number of cutest cities, the prices of hotels in which can pleasantly surprise you.

If you definitely want to stay in Amsterdam, take a look at the hostels. The price for a bed in a dormitory room will average 25-35 euros. It is advisable to pay attention to the quiet areas so that you can still visit famous and quality online gambling sites in the Netherlands so that no one distracts you. Also, do not forget about travelers' favorite Couchsurfing. You can find a host that will allow you to spend 1-2 nights at home or even more for free.

Food in Amsterdam

With accommodation sorted out, time to think about food. In the cafe at Hema stores every day until 10 in the morning there is a promotion for breakfast. You assemble it yourself, according to the principle of the designer. You can choose from drinks, bread, croissants, jam, various fillings for sandwiches, a boiled egg or omelet, yogurt, fruit. Breakfast from five positions will cost 2 euros. For each additional ingredient - a surcharge of 50 euro cents. So, for example, a cup of coffee, a croissant, a boiled egg, and a cheese sandwich will cost 2 euros. Have a sandwich with the famous local herring (haring) or fried cod (kibbeling). Tents with such street food are located throughout the city.

For lunch or dinner, grocery supermarkets such as Albert Heijn or Jumbo have a wide selection of prepared dishes - salads, soups, sushi, and rolls. And do not forget that in the Netherlands it is absolutely safe to drink tap water. Therefore, take a bottle with you and fill it with water from drinking fountains scattered throughout the city.

Entertainment in Amsterdam

Not every museum has to pay entry fees. For example, a 40-minute tour of the Gassan Diamond Factory is absolutely free. It is necessary to register in advance, at this link.

Also, the entrance to the City Archives of Amsterdam (Stadsarchief Amsterdam) costs nothing. Entrance to some rooms is free of charge, but admission to temporary exhibitions will cost 7.50 euros for adults, 5 for children 13-18 years old and students, children under 12 years old for free.

If you want to see the city from a height, then it is completely optional to go to the official observation deck. Near the Central Station is the NEMO Museum, from the roof of which there is a magical view of the historic center of Amsterdam. There is no need to pay for the entrance to the museum; the passage to the roof is open for free for everyone.

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