A Ride-On/Pull-Along Suitcase for Pre-Schoolers

9008668100?profile=originalThe popularity of family travel has caused parents, grandparents, and toy manufacturers to come up with creative ways to keep kids entertained and engaged en route to their destination.

One of the best ideas I’ve seen yet is the Trunki – a durable plastic suitcase that pre-schoolers can pack, ride-on, and pull along behind them.

Made by Melissa & Doug, the educational toy company, the Trunki comes in a variety of bright kid-friendly colors. My favorite is the red one that looks like a lady bug.

The three-year-old in our family likes to sit on it and scoot herself through the airport, but when she gets tired, she’s happy to let Papa pull her. In addition, a shoulder strap allows adults to carry the Trunki when required.

The suitcase is big enough to hold books, toys, and in-flight snacks, but small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of any aircraft.

Initially, I questioned whether the bag was sturdy enough for a 35-pound child (and didn’t want to find out in the middle of a busy airport), so we tested it at home and – voila – it worked like a charm.

Our pre-schooler enjoys having her own luggage – like the grown-ups – and the Trunki keeps her entertained in the airport, as well as storing things she enjoys during the flight.

Click here to watch a video of a Trunki in action.

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  • I hear 'ya, Allie. We definitely need to campaign for an adult-size Trunki. BTW, the Trunki in this picture started a whole lady bug phase in our pre-schoolers life. She even dressed like one for Halloween.

  • I just went to the website and learned that the Trunki costs $39. I just spent much more than that for a lot of presents that are neither as appealing nor as useful. I am hoping that Trunki will now build one for adults like me who get tired of walking around airports!

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